Amelias Journey: A Prequel to the Winds Across the Prairie Series

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Summer Patterson, a photo-journalist for a popular magazine, is on a mission to capture the charm and nostalgia of the old Route 66 through the West Texas Panhandle in story and picture, but when her car breaks down in a "middle of nowhere" town, her mission takes a turn she never expected.

Cody Harper is a retired rodeo champ filling in as a mechanic until he can get his own ranch. Repairing Summer's foreign car will take days, so he arranges for her to stay with his grandmother Ellis. Meeting the people of McLean, Texas and riding with Cody to discover the beauty of a part of Texas she'd never seen leads her in a direction she had no plans to take.

She returns to her busy life in the city of Dallas, but her heart is back in West Texas where she lost it along Route Getting it back will be no easy task, especially if Cody has his way. She learns he is single and sees him as a prospect for her daughter.


The young man, Clay Hill, is a writer who has come to town incognito to find seclusion to write his next novel under his pen name of Clive Hendrix. Despite his efforts to remain anonymous, the owner of the bookstore discovers his true identity and makes a big show of having a famous writer in their town, and plans a big book-signing event for him. Jolie and Clay find themselves smack dab in the middle of the festivities and falling in love in the process.

After a broken engagement weeks before the wedding, Amanda Russell's trust in men is at point zero. Reed Benson is working on changing his college days reputation as a lover boy.

Amelia's Journey: A Prequel to the Winds Across the Prairie Series Faithlife Ebooks

When Reed meets Mandy, he is immediately attracted to her but fears his reputation will turn her away. By hiring her interior design firm to make over his condo, he hopes to win her heart as well until a girl from his past reveals his reputation.

Always Time to Die A Novel

God has a great plan for them both if they will forget the past and trust God's designs for their life. Because of her past failures at romance, Carrie Sutton has lost her trust in men and has buried herself in her work as a children's librarian. Landon Moore has delayed seeking a wife until he is successful with his landscaping business.

Now that he has that success, he meets Carrie when he contracts to landscape her father's yard as an anniversary gift. Attracted to her simple charm and love of gardening, he strives to gain her trust, dig up the old weeds of the past and sow new seeds of love for their future. It will also make you want to snuggle up close to the southern gentleman of your dreams. When Bryce Dorrell married a girl he met in college, his high school sweetheart Mary Lee Matthews buried herself in teaching in order to forget the man who broke her heart.

With Carter needing all the support and encouragement to get over the loss of his mother, Marly finds herself loving the young boy and guiding him through his grief. As much as she cares about Carter, she still has difficulty trusting and forgiving Bryce for the hurt of the past ten years. When a storm causes major damage at the school and injures Marly and several of her students, Bryce realizes how much he loves her, but will he be able overcome the past and find a future with Marly?

Tyler loves Hailey, but will that love survive the secrets of her past? While fulfilling her probation by volunteering at a homeless mission center, Hailey Carson , makes friends with Marly Matthews who introduces her to Tyler Jacobs. Tyler is attracted to the young woman who is nothing like the wealthy, selfish girl to whom he was engaged. Devastated by what he has told her, she tries to stay away from him, but he eventually makes his way back into her life. After Hailey confesses her past and the fact that she indeed was cited for a DWI, Tyler is furious and storms out of her life.

She is angry that he kept his previous relationships quiet, but still longs to see him again. The one bright spot is her reunion with her family for Christmas as a part of the steps in her AA program. When Tyler realizes forgiveness is the only way he can be happy, he sets aside his anger and goes to Hailey were he finds that forgiving Hailey brings a gift of love for the future on Christmas Eve.

Kristina Graves and Warren Hughes were engaged in law school until Warren betrayed her trust. Now a defense attorney and a prosecutor, they face each other in court. Graves a reason to fight for her life. Because her heart has begun to melt toward Warren, Tina agrees to the arrangement, but the marriage is to one for convenience and in name only. What will it take to make the arrangement a true marriage? Fighting city hall is never easy, but then the mayor and council meet their match with the ladies Bloomfield Garden Club.

With the help of the club and an old friend, architect Hal McKenzie, Caroline finds not only a solution to the problem, but also a little love along the way. Purchase at Christianbook. When newspaper reporter Tom Whiteman befriends a homeless man named Joe, he brings him back to his hometown.

As Joe acclimates to his new life, contradictions in his manner and speech cause Tom and his childhood friend Faith to dig for the truth. Will this Christmas become one they'll never forget?

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At odds over their beliefs and separated by the war, Molly and Stefan must learn to depend of God. When old friends of her parents come for a visit with their son, Stefan, Molly is attracted to the young man, but all he is interested in is talking about his position in the army.

When he leaves to rejoin his regiment, Molly is both relieved and saddened. Can they overcome their differences and find love? Hannah Dyer has just moved to Texas to help her brother-in-law in his medical practice. Despite her handicap of having one leg much shorter than the other, she is a great nurse whose skills help make the practice the most successful in the area. When Micah Gordon returns home after some shady escapades, his father hopes he will settle down to ranch life. Hannah is smitten by his good looks and roguish ways, but because of her leg, she has no hopes of attracting his attention.

After Micah suffers a tragic loss, he loses his faith and almost loses his ranch. Three strong women from the South forge ahead to new territories to establish a new life and find happiness through their staunch faith. Related not only by blood but also by courage, they prove that love knows no boundaries, and when all else is gone, love will be there. Order from Christianbook. Can Clayton Barlow prove he has changed his ways in time for Christmas?

It is October , and Clayton Barlow has just returned home after serving time in prison for his part in a bank robbery. His family welcomes him, but the townspeople are skeptical. The accused man says: You got the wrong guy. Then he says: Get Reacher for me. And sure enough, from the world he lives in--no phone, no address, no commitments--ex--military investigator Jack Reacher is coming.

In Lee Child's astonishing new thriller, Reacher's arrival will change everything--about a case that isn't what it seems, about lives tangled in baffling ways, about a killer who missed one shot--and by doing so give Jack Reacher one shot at the truth The gunman worked from a parking structure just thirty yards away--point-blank range for a trained military sniper like James Barr. His victims were in the wrong place at the wrong time. But why does Barr want Reacher at his side?

There are good reasons why Reacher is the last person Barr would want to see. But when Reacher hears Barr's own words, he understands. And a slam-dunk case explodes. Soon Reacher is teamed with a young defense lawyer who is working against her D. Like most things Reacher has known in life, this case is a complex battlefield. But, as always, in battle, Reacher is at his best. Moving in the shadows, picking his spots, Reacher gets closer and closer to the unseen enemy who is pulling the strings. And for Reacher, the only way to take him down is to know his ruthlessness and respect his cunning--and then match him shot for shot From the Hardcover edition Wondering how to take care of the leather books in your collection?

Renowned book care expert Bern Marcowitz explains how and when to clean and repair leather books. Are you enchanted by books clad in fine bindings? This is the gallery for you to peruse! What makes Biblio different?

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