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A method for visual foreground detection using the correlation coefficient between multi-criteria single valued neutrosophic multisets. Chinese Journal of Sensors and Actuators, vol. A scale adaptive visual object tracking algorithm based on weighted neutrosophic similarity coefficient. Telecommunications Science, vol. Fan, E. The cosine measure of single-valued neutrosophic multisets for multiple attribute decision- making. Symmetry, vol. Hu, J. Ye, E. Shen, L. Huang, J. A novel object tracking algorithm by fusion color and depth information based on single valued neutrosophic cross-entropy.

Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems, vol. Ye, K. Neutrosophic Hough transform-based track initiation method. Bachelor of Science - Computer Applications — , Master in Mathematics — , Doctor of Philosophy — in Applied Mathematics with specialization Reliability theory with soft computing techniques , from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India. Pursuing innovative and insightful research in the area of multi criteria decision-making, aggregation operator, intuitionistic fuzzy set, reliability theory, using evolutionary algorithms with their application in numerous industrial engineering areas.

Published seven book chapters as well. Editorial Board member of various International Journals. Neutrosophic Research The focus in the neutrosophic domain is to present some more information measures, as well as the aggregation operators under the single valued, interval-valued, hesitant and linguistic neutrosophic information.

List of Publications in Neutrosophics H. Garg, Nancy Non-linear programming method for multi-criteria decision making problems under interval neutrosophic set environment. Applied Intelligence, DOI: Single-valued Neutrosophic Entropy of order. Neutrosophic Sets and Systems, 14, 21 — Nancy, H. Garg An improved score function for ranking neutrosophic sets and its application to decision-making process.

International Journal for Uncertainty Quantification, 6 5 , — Novel single-valued neutrosophic decision making operators under Frank norm operations and its application. International Journal for Uncertainty Quantification, 6 4 , — Geetha Assistant Professor Affiliation V. Member of Indian Geotechnical Society India. More than 12 years experience.

All publications Bernd Sturmfels

Published 4 research papers out of which 2 are on the area of Neutrosophic Fuzzy Logic. Worked as reviewers for several SCI journals and conferences. Published more than 20 journal papers.

The Mathematics of our Universe

Presided four grant funded projects by Neutrosophic Research Firstly applied neutrosophic set into visual object tracking research area in Published several research works based on neutrosophic set, such as feature fusion and multiple attribute group decision-making. Presided Youth Fund of National Natural Science Fund item, Research on multi- feature and multi-tracker fusion for visual object tracking using multi- attribute decision making based on neutrosophic set No.

Bonferroni mean operators of linguistic neutrosophic numbers and their multiple attribute group decision-making methods. Neutrosophic Research Applied neutrosophic set into service computing and cloud computing areas. Research based on neutrosophic set, such as trustworthiness measurement of cloud services, multi-criteria decision-making in service selection and combination optimization in service composition. Ma, Z. Hu, K. Li, H. Zhang: Toward trustworthy cloud service selection: A time-aware approach using interval neutrosophic set, Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, 96 Ma and H.

Teacher and researcher in mathematics and philosophy. Master degree from Aalborg University. Major in Mathematics with subject in Symplectic Geometry and minor in philosophy from Copenhagen University in He also studied Physics at Aalborg University. More than papers published in reputed international journals. Attending conferences and workshops around the world and working actively with different researchers, mostly from India. Neutrosophic Research Since , became acquainted with the neutrosophic theory and now, among others, working actively in this field.

Arokiarani and J. Thivagar, V. Devi and V. Antonysamy: A novel approach to nano topology via neutrosophic sets. Saeid Jafari, M. Antonysamy and V. Devi: The ingenuity of neutrosophic topology via N-topology. Caldas, R. Dhavaseelan, M. Ganster: Neutrosophic resolvable and neutrosophic irresolvable spaces. Saeid Jafari, R. Dhavaseelan, N. Rajesh and F. Smarandache: Neutrosophic semi-continuous multifunctions. Dhavaseelan, C. Dhavaseelan, Generalized neutrosophic closed sets.

Ganster and M. Parimala, On neutrosophic -supra open sets and neutrosophic -supra continuous functions. Latif and F. Neutrosophic rare -continuity. Parimala, M. Karthika and R.

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Dhavaseelan: On neutrosophic supra precontinuous functions in neutrosophic topological spaces. Parimala, R. Jeevitha, F. Smarandache and R. Jeevitha and F. Smarandache: An application of bipolar single valued neutrosophic minimal spanning tree in tree topology, Symmetry, 10, Karthika, F.

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Udaykumar: Decision-making via neutrosophic support soft topological spaces. Symmetry, 10, , Devi and Md. Hanif: Neutrosophic Baire spaces. Neutrosophic Sets and Systems, 16, , Saeid Jafari, I. Arokiarani, R. Dhavaseelan and M. Parimala: On some new notions and functions in neutrosophic topological spaces. Dhavaseelan and F. Smarandache: Compact open topology and evaluation map via neutrosophic sets. Parimala, F. Smarandache: On neutrosophic semi-supra open set and neutrosophic semi- supra continuous function. Information, 9 5 , Devi and R. Dhavaseelan: On separation axioms in an ordered neutrosophic bitopological space.

MSc degree in Mathematics in Research in the field of "Theory of Quasigroups and Loops" for the past 15 years.

2nd Edition

Published 58 research articles in international and reputable journals. Member of some academic and administrative committees in both the Department, Faculty and the University. Attended National and International Conferences and Schools. Particular field of expertise in the "Theory of Groupoids, Quasigroups and Loops". Jaiyeola and F. Algorithms, Vol.

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  7. Symmetry, Vol. Meng, and more than research papers in several journals. Jun, F. Smarandache and C. Kim: Neutrosophic Cubic Sets. New Mathematics and Natural Computation, 13 , no. Kim: P-union and P- intersection of neutrosophic cubic sets. Ovidius, Constanta, Romania, Ser. Annals of Fuzzy Mathematics and Informatics, 14 , no.

    Borumand Saeid and Y. Tebesse Youssef in Since , PhD Student under the supervision of Prof. Teacher of philosophy in high school since Neutrosophic Research Working on the development of Neutrosophy in a range of philosophical disciplines, especially in ontology and epistemology. Seeking to found a quantum ontology. Attempting to construct a new theory of knowledge from a purely neutrosophic point of view. Obtained degrees at all the levels of studies BSc appl. Research Interests Management; Informatics; Decision-making. List of Publications in Neutrosophics Urosevic, S.

    Using single valued neutrosophic set to select tourism development strategies in eastern Serbia. Economics of Agriculture, 65 2 , Stanujkic, D. Informatica, 28 1 , II, Neutrosophic Sets and Systems, 14, Single Valued Neutrosophic Signed Graphs. International Journal of Computer Applications, 9 , Arts College, Karaikudi Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics in St.

    Applied mathematics

    Micheal College of Engineering and Technology, Kalayarkoil List of Publications in Neutrosophics M. Mullai, S. Stephen, Shortest path problem by minimal spanning tree algorithm using bipolar neutrosophic numbers , International Journal of Mathematics Trends and Technology, vol. Stephen, Neutrosophic critical path analysis for project network , Asian Journal of Mathematics and Computer Research, 21 1 : , Mullai and S.

    Mullai and R. Surya, Neutrosophic inventory backorder problem using triangular neutrosophic number Communicated. Technical papers published in international journals, including Artificial Intelligence, International Journal of Uncertainty Quantification. Neutrosophic Research Aggregation operators under the single valued, interval-valued, hesitant and linguistic neutrosophic information. Non-linear programming method for multi-criteria decision making problems under interval neutrosophic set environment, Applied Intelligence, DOI: Single-valued Neutrosophic Entropy of order, Neutrosophic sets and Systems, 14, 21 — An improved score function for ranking neutrosophic sets and its application to decision-making process, International Journal for Uncertainty Quantification, 6 5 , — Garg , Novel single-valued neutrosophic decision making operators under Frank norm operations and its application, International Journal for Uncertainty Quantification, 6 4 , — The result of the study builds assurance in suitability of fuzzy single valued neutrosophic set entropy based novel multi-attribute decision-making for improved performance in manufacturing and supply chain functions.

    List of Publications in Neutrosophics N. Jeevitha, S. Jafari, F.

    by Beth, Thomas; Jungnickel, D.; Lenz, H

    Karthika, S. Smarandache, S. Jafari and R. Ganster, S. Jafari and M. Karthika, R. Dhavaseelan, S. Jafari, M.

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    Parimala, On some new notions and functions in neutrosophic topological spaces, Neutrosophic Sets and Systems, Volume 16, , Parimala, S. Smarandache, On neutrosophic semi-supra open set and neutrosophic semi- supra continuous functions, Neutrosophic Sets and Systems, Volume 16, , In charge of National Natural Science Foundation of China The research on multi-criteria decision- making methods and their applications based on picture fuzzy sets.

    Neutrosophic Research Interested in the combination of neutrosophic sets and fuzzy sets. International Journal for Uncertainty Quantification, 7 4 , International Journal of Systems Science, 47 10 , International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems, 8 2 , Applied Soft Computing, 25, Published More than 20 SCI-indexed papers. Peng, C. Algorithms for neutrosophic soft decision making based on EDAS, new similarity measure and level soft set.

    Currently, professor at the Universidad Abierta para Adultos. Neutrosophic Computing and Machine Learning. Neutrosophic cognitive maps for modeling project portfolio interdepend encies. Critical Review. Neutrosophic Sets and Systems. Neutrosophic logic for mental model elicitation and analysis. In Neutrosophic Theory and Its Applications. Collected Papers , In received, together with Prof. Research Interests Unification of Science through multistate logic and its associated phenomenology. It serves to lift the Boolean logic expressed as the Calculus of Forms due to George Spencer-Brown accounting for the imaginary values, and the self-return of the form on itself through the Klein Bottle self-penetration.

    Discussed the relations of some of these topics with Neutrosophics and particularly in physics and topological chemistry, as an ontology related to metamorphoses, as is already the case of the electron and the photon, as in the Dirac-Hestenes equation for the spinor-operator field and the Maxwell equations. Historically, mathematics was most important in the natural sciences and engineering. However, since World War II , fields outside the physical sciences have spawned the creation of new areas of mathematics, such as game theory and social choice theory , which grew out of economic considerations.

    The advent of the computer has enabled new applications: studying and using the new computer technology itself computer science to study problems arising in other areas of science computational science as well as the mathematics of computation for example, theoretical computer science , computer algebra , numerical analysis. Statistics is probably the most widespread mathematical science used in the social sciences , but other areas of mathematics, most notably economics , are proving increasingly useful in these disciplines.

    Academic institutions are not consistent in the way they group and label courses, programs, and degrees in applied mathematics. At some schools, there is a single mathematics department, whereas others have separate departments for Applied Mathematics and Pure Mathematics. It is very common for Statistics departments to be separated at schools with graduate programs, but many undergraduate-only institutions include statistics under the mathematics department. Many applied mathematics programs as opposed to departments consist of primarily cross-listed courses and jointly appointed faculty in departments representing applications.

    Some Ph. In some respects this difference reflects the distinction between "application of mathematics" and "applied mathematics". Some universities in the UK host departments of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics , [4] [5] [6] but it is now much less common to have separate departments of pure and applied mathematics. Schools with separate applied mathematics departments range from Brown University , which has a large Division of Applied Mathematics that offers degrees through the doctorate , to Santa Clara University , which offers only the M.

    Scientific computing includes applied mathematics especially numerical analysis , computing science especially high-performance computing , and mathematical modelling in a scientific discipline. Computer science relies on logic , algebra , graph theory , and combinatorics. It entails software engineering. Operations research and management science are often taught in faculties of engineering, business, and public policy.

    Applied mathematics has substantial overlap with the discipline of statistics. Statistical theorists study and improve statistical procedures with mathematics, and statistical research often raises mathematical questions. Statistical theory relies on probability and decision theory , and makes extensive use of scientific computing, analysis, and optimization ; for the design of experiments , statisticians use algebra and combinatorial design.

    Applied mathematicians and statisticians often work in a department of mathematical sciences particularly at colleges and small universities. Actuarial science applies probability, statistics, and economic theory to assess risk in insurance, finance and other industries and professions. Mathematical economics is the application of mathematical methods to represent theories and analyze problems in economics.

    The applied methods usually refer to nontrivial mathematical techniques or approaches. Mathematical economics is based on statistics, probability, mathematical programming as well as other computational methods , operations research, game theory, and some methods from mathematical analysis. In this regard, it resembles but is distinct from financial mathematics , another part of applied mathematics. Applicable mathematics is a subdiscipline of applied mathematics, although there is no consensus as to a precise definition.

    Mathematicians often distinguish between "applied mathematics" on the one hand, and the "applications of mathematics" or "applicable mathematics" both within and outside of science and engineering, on the other. Other authors prefer describing applicable mathematics as a union of "new" mathematical applications with the traditional fields of applied mathematics. The lowest-priced brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging where packaging is applicable.

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    Jungnickel, Thomas Beth and H. Lenz , Hardcover, Revised Be the first to write a review. About this product. Stock photo. Brand new: lowest price The lowest-priced brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging where packaging is applicable. Author Thomas Beth, Dieter Jungnickel. Features include exercises and an extensive, updated bibliography of well over citations.