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It was probably one of the earlier editions, like 50's, and had suggestions for what vegetable, fruit, bread and dessert complemented the main dish or meat. I know there are several vintage Betty Crocker Cookbooks available to buy on Ebay, but I want to be positive which edition to buy that was exactly like my mother's. If anyone can help, I appreciate it very much. Mine has special helps but no idea menus.

I have no idea how old it is. I received 2 Betty Crocker cookbooks as bridal shower gifts in Dinner for Two has recipes for each day of the week with menu suggestions. It is blue, spiral bound, and half of the size or less of the general hardbound Betty Crocker cookbook I received with it. At one time if you saved points could get silverware for free. Is it possible to still get them. I am looking for a Betty Crocker cookbook from mid early to mid 's with the word golden on the cover and it was also golden in color.

Does anyone know the name or where I can find one? Still use it at age 82!! My mother's and my aunt's.

Mt Cook hike in pictures – the most beautiful place I’ve seen!

When my mom passed away in I took her book and gave the one my aunt had had to my daughter. They were the original version, along with my mother's tried and true handwritten recipes. What a heartbreaking loss! At the time, I never before saw a man doing such things in the kitchen. We all thought it was for women and children to enjoy. From that day forward it was on! I must say that I absolutely love the products!

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They are very delicious and creamy, but they are also very easy and fun to make! No mess, no stress!

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If I did, then I would bake all day long! I enjoyed reading The Story of Betty Crocker.

Betty Crocker and the Lost Art of Home Economics

Now I know Betty's history. At first I always thought that Betty was a real person. I'll always keep some Crocker products in my kitchen, for baking emergencies.

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