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Operation Luna Operation Chaos. Engineering business systems in Eiffel. Ivory Tower. Dragon Tower.

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The Tower. Wolf Tower. Burning Tower. Vanishing Tower.

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Blackstaff Tower. Lession's Tower. Recommend Documents. Earlier title Object-oriented programming in Eiffel Introduction This text was written for a first programming subject in the object-oriented language Eiffel.

It assumes n It assumes no So, could be problems. But this is enough mature to create graphical interfaces.

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The image below show a simple editor with a tool bar that can be detached. Only one button works at that tool the button to underline , the rest are just examples of buttons with predefined images at IUP stack. The example number 5, show how use several predefined dialogues, as show the images below:.

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The same example show, in other tabs, the use of many other controls, like popups, combo box, sliders, calendars, spin box, splits and others:. You can download this first release here. So, let me know if you have problems, and wait for upcoming lessons on how to use eiffel-iup. Happy Hacking! IUP is a multi-platform toolkit for building graphical user interfaces.

This is still under development, but I think the current state is enough to start playing with it.

Here some screen shots:. Currently you can use widgets like Windows in IUP are called Dialogs , buttons, labels, radio buttons, text box, text views called multi line , sliders, links, combo box, menus and a variety of containers.

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For the moment there are only four examples, but I will add more later. The example4. Here some screen shots of this example:. To give you an idea about how is the use of this wrapper here an extract of the converter example shown previously:.

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The project is hosted at notabug. So you can download it and start playing. Posted on 11 May, Posted under Eiffel programming , Liberty-Eiffel. Comments 2 Comments.