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Three days before Carrig Birkus. I picture us as newborns in nearby cribs. I see our dads waving at us. We were equals in a way. Carrig is a jock. One of those guys with buddies. His life is keg parties and girls. He cracks a joke and everyone laughs, and he knows how to speak to people, how to get to them.

Chloe laughed when I said that to her. I know that much. Tomorrow we go back to school, which means seeing her again, Chloe Smells Like Cookies. Every time my mom makes cookies, no matter what they are, oatmeal raisin or chocolate chip or caramel, they smell like Chloe. She sits with me at lunch even though the other girls laugh at her and the other guys tell her she is wasting her time on a faggot.

Chloe hates that word. She thinks the people in our school have small brains and small hearts. She was there for Thanksgiving this week. Her parents took her to see the parade. She saw all the floats when they were shriveled and flat on the ground. I get it, Chloe. I wish I was there. Of course you do.

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You always get it! She sends me a smiley face.

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My dad picks up the broccoli and puts it in the microwave. I sneak bits of spaghetti into my pocket. I almost get away with it but Pedro nips at my finger and I yelp and my mom slams her fork down. What the hell is there to be learned from taking a rat home at your age? The last time he invited me to a birthday party was in fourth grade, when people still had parties with invitations, when your mom made you invite every kid.

I look at my mom, right at her, like you do when you want something. My dad is talking to my mom about the Patriots and the Super Bowl and my mom is talking about Giselle and how beautiful she is. They speak the same language only different. I think Chloe and I are better at talking. What Chloe says always affects what I say. Upstairs, I put Pedro on my bed and bring an Oreo up to my nose and inhale, but Chloe smells like homemade cookies. Today is Sunday, the biggest paper of the week. We make it to Section C, Lifestyles, and I think he likes it. I love news. Every day is new, every paper, every story.

In a book or a movie you only get one story. Last Christmas my parents got me a subscription to the Telegraph. It was all I wanted. I was bummed. But I tore away the tissue paper and found a receipt for a subscription. I cheered and my mother laughed. She said she will never understand me. We had ham and cake and peppermint ice cream and the only thing wrong about that day was that there was no newspaper. Then again, it only added to the joy of the next day, when I woke up early to get the paper out of the special box my dad had installed next to our mailbox.

It was good to see that the world was back on again. Theatre is playful, imaginative and fun while it is challenging. It is, at the same time, both eye-opening and familiar. I still recall strong visual images and song from the show that toured my school during my youth. I have been working on this script since October of We can only make a change if we are directly engaging with the youth in society and our communities.

Theatre is my method of engagement, what is yours? Hansen Foundation Clarence V. Laguardia Foundation. Celebrating 35 years of bringing excellent bilingual musical theatre to schools across the Southwest. For our production we will be expanding into a second tour in order to reach Northwest Kansas and Southern California! These books reinforce the themes of the study guide and play, while making reading exciting!

Over these many years, CRT has offered extraordinary theatre and meaningful programs in education to audiences throughout our region. I extend my sincere appreciation to our friends — philanthropic individuals, foundations, businesses and volunteers who support CRT and its mission. This honor recognizes patrons who went above and beyond in the areas of show attendance, volunteerism, enthusiasm, charitable giving, and more. We will recognize these amazing people before the June 30th pm performance of 9 to 5.

Our lives have been immeasurably enriched by not only the quality of their productions, but also the wonderful company members that have become lifelong friends. Break legs this season, everyone! Their diligence, experience and commitment to clients has helped many acquire their dream mountain property. Looking to buy or sell? Call the local experts! Long-time play sponsors and fundraisers, they believe that CRT is an integral part of the Creede experience.

Great architecture, cuttingedge green technologies, and stunning views make Creede America the place to be in Creede. Our goal is not merely to help get you well, but to help you attain a constant state of well-being. We welcome all ages, ailments, and questions. Who would think that a small, mountain town would have world class improv in the winter!

True, Local, Bank. We can help you get there. Within this overall mission, the Foundation intends to focus its efforts in four areas: education, community programs, youth Font: Lato Family activities, and health services. The leadership and vision of Ralph and Peggy will forever provide a rich cultural legacy for Creede and its community of visitors. Art Works. Come experience our freshly prepared burritos, fajitas, tacos, burgers and more specialties.

We are open year-round, 7 days a week. As proud distributors of the finest outdoor products, San Juan Sports offers outdoor sporting equipment, clothing and shoes.

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Their involvement has included serving on the Board, the Ruth Capital Campaign and, sponsoring interns. They are cosponsors of Miss Holmes this season. Kym and Mikey Thompson salute the remarkable ongoing vision, talent and drive that fuels the premiere of Miss North Main Creede, CO Holmes and another outstanding theater season in Creede.

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Under new ownership since , Tomkins has increased offerings in both the hardware store and the newly built lumberyard. We carry everything that contractors and homeowners need for projects large and small and our professional staff is always ready to advise and help you tackle any project. As beneficiaries of the charitable trust, the City helps support recreational activities in the town through annual grants. Although our familyrun business was only officially founded in , the cabins at Windsock Acres have provided many CRT company members a cozy place to stay over the years.

We look forward to continuing to host family, patrons and members of CRT this season! Genny saw her first show at Creede Repertory Theatre in , the summer after her nephew John David Lentz was a member of the CRT company, and from the moment the lights went up, she was hooked. Genny and her family have been regulars in the CRT audience every summer. In the summer of , she and her husband, Tom, retired to Creede and became much more than regulars—they became part of the CRT family.

Her presence was always felt at CRT as a regular volunteer, patron and friend. On June 19, , Genny and her husband, Tom, were returning to Creede from the Valley when their car was struck by an oncoming car on Hwy. Genny was killed instantly. A longtime supporter and friend of Creede Repertory Theatre, Genny was beloved by all, and her presence in the audience this season will be greatly missed. After the. Ellis Mireya Venzor and Family Mr. Floyd and Karen Tempfel The Nutts.

Adkisson Charitable Trust. During the current summer season, the Artistic Director starts reading and thinking about what plays to select for the following year. The boss of the shows! In addition to running rehearsals, the SM is in charge of calling sound and light cues during each performance. After the Director leaves, the SM is responsible for maintaining the quality of the show. Headed by Production Manager, each show in the season has a director, designers, and technicians who create and execute each show from the ground up.

The stage management team joins this team a few weeks before rehearsals start. Coordinates all aspects of the theatrical production. They help design how every production functions through the building of all sets, and the oversight of changeovers. Over the course of a single rep season, the process of repeatedly taking one set apart and putting up another, sometimes more than once a day. This used to be done by all company members, but now there is a designated technical team that executes all changeovers. Starting up to six months before the season starts, the creative team for each show director, designers, technical director etc.

In charge of picking the plays, hiring actors and designers, and managing the creative output of the theatre. Hires the technical teams for each show, schedules and leads pre-production meetings and oversees all production over the course of the season. Writes contracts for all seasonal hires, is an advocate for staff and company, and acts as the Company Manager for the season: finding housing and making sure all members of our company have a great experience.

Foote and Stephen L. John C Quicker Dr. Joe and Rosemary Kiehn Dr. Flammang and Scott P. Rye Marsha A. Smith Zora Dash. Weekly summer concerts! We can enhance our quality and expand our programs by building and maintaining an endowment that provides funding in perpetuity for CRT. George and Charlene Ameel. Henderson and Don R. Hosselkus Sandra L. She has appeared in more than different productions at CRT.

Christy co-authored and performed in Six Women with Brain Death. Minnesota Jewish Theatre Co. The Bucket Brigade: Kingdom Undone. Walking Shadow Theatre Co. Minnesota Fringe Festival: Lungs. Visit www. Herc has grown up in Creede, and loves all folks and neighbor dog friends, and would like to dedicate this season to his sister Mars. She is currently going into her junior year of studying musical theatre at the University of Northern Colorado. She would like to thank her incredible family and friends for being the most kind and supportive human beings to ever have graced the Earth.

She would also like to thank the entire creative team for granting her this phenomenal opportunity. A South Texas native, he grew up surrounded by the arts in a small town on the Mexican border. As a child, participation within the local theatrical community greatly influenced his passion for the stage, and his credits reflect his multidimensional talent. He has been showcased in both plays and musicals, comedies and dramas, and as the occasional cross-gendered character.

He is eternally grateful to his family and friends for their unyielding support. A multidisciplinary artist based in Chicago, she divides her time between acting, puppetry and writing. She sends a huge thank you to her family for supporting her on her journey. A big thank you to all of her supporters back home! He comes to Creede from the land of car horns and delayed trains… New York City. Love and thanks to his wonderful family. Find out more at ScottKuiperOfficial. He is an artistic associate at 16th Street Theatre. He would like to thank his Mother, Aunt and the rest of his family, his best friend Demitri, and Creede Rep.

Theatre for this amazing opportunity. She is thrilled to be joining CRT this season as their musical theatre intern. When she is not performing she loves spending time with her friends and family and binge-watching her favorite shows on Netflix! He is Majoring in Musical Theater and is minoring in Dance. He was raised in the small town of Longview, Texas. Kietraille is very thankful for the opportunity to work. Antony is very excited to be checking off one of his dream roles. Proud recipient of a True West Award.

Follow her at unprocessyourfood on Instagram. Equity seeks to advance, promote and foster the art of live theatre as an essential component of our society. Equity negotiates wages and working conditions, providing a wide range of benefits, including health and pension plans. The Equity emblem is our mark of excellence. All love to T and L. Other productions. BA: UT Austin. Founded in by composer Frank Loesser, and orchestrator Don Walker, MTI is a driving force in advancing musical theatre as a vibrant and engaging art form. MTI works directly with the composers, lyricists and book writers of these musicals to provide official scripts, musical materials and dynamic theatrical resources to over 70, professional, community and school theatres in the US and more than 60 countries worldwide.

MTI is particularly dedicated to educational theatre, and has created special collections to meet the needs of various types of performers and audiences. Music and Lyrics — 9 to 5 Dolly Parton is considered to be the most successful female country music artist, having released 42 top country albums and earned 25 number-one singles.

Book — 9 to 5 Patricia Resnick has enjoyed a successful and varied career in film, television, and theatre. She has written numerous pilots for television for networks including Showtime,. Her solo play Relic premieres in Los Angeles in More at www. Author — Barefoot in the Park American playwright and screenwriter Neil Simon is widely regarded as one of the most successful, prolific and performed playwrights in the world.

Simon has received more Academy and Tony nominations than any other writer. Background Music — The Wizard of Oz A composer for the musical stage in the 20s, Herbert Stothart subsequently became a legendary name at MGM Pictures for his work on the background music to numerous Hollywood classics.

After studying music in Europe and spending some time teaching in the USA, he made his composing debut on Broadway in Author — Miss Holmes Christopher M. Walsh has been acting and writing in Chicago for more than 20 years. He is also a company member and literary manager of WildClaw Theatre. She discovered her love for theatre in high school and went on to teach high school English and theatre for seven years. She has been at the University of South Dakota for the last three years earning her Masters in Fine Arts for technical theatre design with an emphasis in costume design.

Abby hopes to teach theatre costume and makeup design at the collegiate level. In her free time she enjoys reading and seeing live music. She is the costume shop manager for this season and is very excited to be a part of this great family. She grew up in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

Actor Miguel Ferrer, 'NCIS: Los Angeles' star, dies at age 61

Two of her favorite activities were drawing and playing dress up, so her mother gave her art supplies and taught her to sew. Aurora tried acting in high. She went to Hampshire College where she studied art, history, and creative writing—not theatre—but she frequently helped out in the costume shop. Later, as a stay-at-home mother, she sewed Renfair costumes to bring in extra cash. She learned to make her own patterns, because she liked the challenge.

When her son started preschool, she got a job stitching at the LA Opera. Two years later, she moved to Houston, where she worked at the Alley Theatre as a tailoring stitcher. She enjoys tailoring but is eager for new creative challenges. This is her first time working with a professional theater company. When she is not in the costume shop, Morgan likes to spend her free time painting, drawing, and doing yoga. A Yale School of Drama. Parsons School of Design.

He is originally from the Navajo Nation in northern Arizona. Dustin would like to thank Jason Forman and Larry Heyman for their guidance, his dear friends, and his family for their continuous love and support. He is proud to have created a voluminous photographic archive of shows and events and wishes he could have started in ! Brown received an MFA from The University of Washington and has sold over oil paintings to museums, galleries, corporations and private collectors since The University of Kansas Press published his photographic history of cemetery art, titled Soul in the Stone in.

His photographs were used as illustrations in Gardens of Revelation Abbeville Press, She is very excited to be working her first season with Creede Repertory Theatre and would like to thank her friends and family for their endless support! How exciting, another wonderful summer in Creede! Tatyana has worked with theatre and film companies as well as freelancing performers in Moscow, Russia, San Francisco, New Orleans, creative groups in Colorado and.

He holds degrees in scenic design from Florida School of the Arts A.

James Rollins’ Sigma Force Series

For more of his theatre and fine art work, please visit mexlinedesigns. A recent graduate of Point Park University in Pittsburgh, he hopes to continue making theatre happen all over the country. Many thanks to family, friends,. She studied theatrical design and technology at the University of Texas at Arlington.

To see more of her work, visit www. We serve the entire San Luis Valley. Stop by and take advantage of our knowledgeable staff and friendly service. He is a teaching professor at Washington University in St. She is very excited to be joining this talented group of artists once again. Her puppet building career began while she was a student at Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan. Anna is a graduate of Webster University in Theatre Arts.

You can check out her webpage at www. Becca is a Denver based sound designer. She has designed ten shows for the last three seasons at Creede Repertory Theatre.

Meet some of our winners:

She attended the Vancouver Film School in Vancouver and followed it up with two years of professional sketch comedy work in the Canadian city. Allison is thrilled to bring her work back to the town she loves and inspire young folk who dream to follow a similar path. Over the past 14 years Matt has designed more than different productions, both nationally and internationally.

Mandi is thrilled to be back for her second season with CRT, and hopes you get a chance to enjoy all that this season offers. Choreographer - 9 to 5 Maddy is a director, choreographer, performer, and teaching artist based in NYC. Construction, Machinal, boom, Fabulation, or the Re-education of Undine. Associate Member SDC. A CalArts alum, Guerrero is a professional, versatile theatre artist whose mission is to model, share, and create theatre-making opportunities for and with her community.

He is a music director, pianist, and composer originally from Ohio. He recently finished a Masters of Music at the Dana School of Music, where he studied conducting with a focus on musical theatre and opera. He is a proud alum of the University of Mount Union, having worked with both the music and theatre departments during his time there. He will be moving to New York City this fall.

She is thrilled to help bring The Wizard of Oz to life! And Other Superpowers, and Kind of Red. In August, they will return to the University of Northern Iowa and complete their last year as an undergraduate.

They are a young queer theatre artist, pursuing a thorough and complete education in technical theatre and sound design. Alongside Lighting and Scenic Design he performs as Master Electrician, Lighting Supervisor, and Lighting Director in various environments, from Broadway scale summer stock to storefront theatre communities, from warehouse installations for performance to unique location events such as The Polar Express Train Ride in Chicago, New Jersey and New Orleans.

If you have questions about Kristof or his work, please contact janezic. Sound Engineer - Mainstage My purpose as a sound artist, sound engineer, musician, and composer, is to make the world become heard. I create worlds through space, texture, and history to add and help tell a story through sound. Much of my work is achieved through exploration within the characters eyes, the world of plays, and our world. Pre-K to university level. Musician - Guitar McKinley is a versatile guitarist and multi-instrumentalist who is excited to performing in Creede this summer.

Musician - Bass Double bassist, Krista has a diverse background of music making. Her experiences have brought her from the pit orchestras of The Wizard of Oz, art operas, and Sondheim musicals, to appearances with the Wichita Symphony, and everything in-between, including performances with The Celtic Women, bluegrass groups, and the rock band Kansas. An avid programmer of new music she has not only performed works by some of the leading twentieth and twentyfirst century composers, she has also commissioned, recorded, and premiered numerous works by living composers both as a soloist and chamber musician.

She is in her final year of. At the age of 14, they made a pledge that they would use the art that inspired them to influence thought, change, and freedom to express. The properties range from small and cozy to large vacation homes. Season: May 15 - Nov 1, plus some year-round rentals. She has been known to try her hand at just about everything the theatre has to offer. His research focuses on manifestations of horror and science fiction in modern American theatre, with an emphasis on site-specific and immersive productions.

While at Tech, she also spent time house managing and working in the box office. Additionally, she enjoys dramaturgy and is interested in new musical development, specifically those written by female playwrights and composers. She is excited for her second season with CRT and is very proud to be a part of such a wonderful community. In the future she would like to work for a professional theatre, either as an administrator or an actor.

For now, she just wants to learn as much as possible this summer about what it takes to run a theatre. She is extremely excited to work. Some pretty important things have become rare these days. But not at Community Banks of Colorado. Community Banks of Colorado. Where common sense lives. She would like to thank Cornell College and CRT for giving her this amazing opportunity, and her parents and sister for supporting and believing in her. Prior to working at Florida State, Colin spent five years as the Asst. Production Manager at Butler University. Additionally, if a character's final words consist of a dialogue with the other characters, the other character's speech may be included for contextual purposes; for example, if one character asks a question that the one who is about to die answers.

Some characters may have more than one "death," in instances such as being resurrected, or existing temporarily as an undead being. In some of those instances, their last words from each "death" may be added if they are significant. Additionally, significant last words from deaths that are merely assumed to have happened or are non-canon are included. In instances where there are multiple outcomes, or in media with alternate timelines, the character's last words will also be featured.

Landing, crashing or shot down. Pick one!