Better Than Normal: How What Makes You Different Can Make You Exceptional

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Declinism, based on cognitive bias, explains why. SHUTi, a promising new Internet-based therapy for treating insomnia, is offering hope to people who can't find or afford a therapist, and don't want to take medication. What if you're way past stressed out, and on your way to burned out? I missed these early warning signs, but you don't have to! The U. For the entrepreneur, ADHD traits can be superpowers in disguise.

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Germanwings' pilot Andreas Lubitz was depressed and needed help. Yik Yak: Dangerous new app for bullying or harmless gossip site? After a deadlocked jury, for Jodi Arias the death penalty is now off the table. Archer narrows these behavioral traits to eight positive first followed by diagnostic illness : 1. A few decades ago ADHD was known as 'adventurous,' 'full of energy;' now we drug children who display these traits. Or like Mark Twain's hero Huckleberry Finn, who was forced to study spelling for an hour every day. The reason seems to be that we would like all children to be able to sit in a chair at his desk for six hours in a room with thirty other children and carefully, diligently consider his studies.

Archer puts this disorder into a better light and explains that, "these people are passionate, curious, and energetic. They are great multi-taskers and extraordinary explorers. They excel in times of challenge Of course that's a little difficult in a schoolroom of thirty. What to do? Concerning OCD he says that the idea that increased perfectionism leads directly to an impaired life is absurd. A relatively small number of people are actually impaired by this trait. This sort of person will probably not be a good story writer because the tendency to get bogged down in both the grammatical details and just exactly what they are trying to say will eventually lead to failure.

More often these are the people who can orchestrate a large museum exhibition or a convention for a large group, organizing all the little details that will make the event a success; they build airplanes and do intricate time consuming jobs. Archer takes every one of the eight traits and details the positive habits and gives solid examples for careers based on those strengths. At the back of the book is a test that you should take and then tuck into the book before you read. Refer to it as you read each of the eight behavioral traits. I was dangerously close to needing meds on two of the traits but I'm just going to channel all that for good.

Archer does not dismiss the behavioral disorders that are illnesses and do need treatment. In fact at every turn he restates that if a person is truly mentally, behaviorally ill, that person should seek help, should take his medication. But for the majority of the U.

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We need to consider that we are unique first and then with the truly ill, give them the help they need. In short, this book celebrates our individuality and makes it okay to be a little quirky. The one thing that I totally skimmed over was the explanation of these traits based on Stone Age evolution; that was far fetched.

Oct 04, Greg Nybo rated it really liked it. This was a fun book with good insights into personality characteristics and how they can all be beneficial. It was a really fun read. May 21, Feng Ouyang rated it it was ok. We should not suppress it.

Better Than Normal

Instead, we should choose our career, personal relationship and activities in consideration of our unique personalities. For most people, the personality tests will land in the middle and one cannot gain much practical help from the book. However, the mindset is interesting and reaffirming for people who feel his does not fit in.

The writing is too formulated each chapter with the same format. Introduction a. Psychological problems are over diagnosed, over treated and over medicated today. A lot of what we consider psychological disorder could actually be normal personality traits that makes us special and give advantage to us.

Everyone has a dominant trait. If this trait is too strong, it could be a psychological problem. Eight personality traits i. These eight traits are selected as follows ii. They are all identified as psychological issues in psychiatry practice.

They are the main traits, and includes other psychiatric problems as sub-classes. They are shown to be connected to genes, and therefore are generic. Adventure and ADHD a. Main characteristics of this trait: high energy, less focus, restless, multitasking, jumpy thoughts b. ADHS diagnosis has increased rapidly in recent years. Adaptation strategies other than psychological and psychiatric treatments: i.

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ADHD kids can be difficult to manage in classroom. But they are also fun, humorous, and inspiring with their energy level. Join sport activities to burn off energies iii. Inspire by biographies of explorers and adventurists iv. Allow for different study styles, such as multi-tasking, playing music when doing homework, etc. Have more outdoor activities to satisfy sensory needs d. Workplace i. These people may find it hard to do most of the routine work.

However, they can be very creative and good at starting businesses and innovation.

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Their high energy level and ability of multitasking means they can get more done. They need to be independent and choose the best way to work for themselves. Personal relationship i. They are fun and humorous, good company. It is difficult for them to settle down. They may want to frequently change life styles, or do a lot of traveling. Perfectionism and OCD a. Characteristics of OCD: obsessive: cannot get the thought out of mind. Compulsive: feel you must do something to address the thought.

Better Than Normal : How What Makes You Different Can Make You Exceptional -

Typical OCD is related to germ, fire, and organization of objects. A low level of OCD is the same as perfectionist.

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  5. You pay much attention to details and are bothered if something is not done right. It can be debilitating in some situations. Professions i. Perfectionism can be advantageous. It produces higher quality of work and reduces the possibility of errors. You should find a profession where the standard is clearly set. For example, mechanics have a clearly defined tolerance. However, a writer can keep improving his work without end. Personal life i. When perfectionism is debilitating, use the 3R strategy 1.

    Recognize: realize that the obsession is happening 2. Reorganize: look at positive factors, instead of the negative resulting from imperfection. For example, when you shop for a camera, think about the joy that a camera can bring you, instead of the consequences of selecting the wrong one to buy. Redirect: engage in interesting activities, to direct your thoughts away from the obsession.

    Let them make unimportant decisions to move forward. Vigilance and Anxiety a. Anxiety has survival advantages: alert, intuitive and perceptive. However, it may be functionally and physically harmful in modern world, because there are too many triggers. Before trying to deal with it in mindset, you should check out your physical conditions such as hormone levels, which may be the cause of anxiety. Exercises and yoga may help, as well.

    Choose a carrier that cater to your strength: something that requires attention to details and solution to unexpected problems. Work and live with partners who are calm and organized. So they can refocus you to the big picture before you lose control. Dramatic and Histrionic a. These people experience and express strong emotions. They also value attention and praise from others.

    Histrionic disorder does not seem to be associated with any genes or heritable traits currently. However, it plays essential cultural role. Dramatic and charismatic people play important roles in any society. For profession, acting is a good outlet for dramatic energy. For personal relationship, dramatic people tend to attract each other. However, partnership with people with more stable emotional states may be more productive. Self-focus and Narcissistic a. Characteristics: high self image, motivated, confident, need admiration and praise, self-centered.

    Narcissistic is a spectrum. At the low end are people who are insecure and easily crushed by failure. On the high end are people who are arrogant and self-centered. At the extreme high end are criminals. Self-focus can be a positive force: i. Energetic, charismatic and inspiring, can be effective leaders. Confident to take on challenges, even when the odd is against you. Highly motivated. Negative side: i. Sense of entitlement ii. From self-focused to self-absorbed. Impulsive and bipolar a. Have periods of high energy and low energy, mood swing from hyper-active to depressed.

    Keep log and observation to make the best use of high-energy periods. Advantage of medium-level bipolar: i. Creative: high-energy spurs creativity. Mood swings enable you to experience a wide spectrum of emotions. Many artists are bipolar. Exploratory: have keen interests and willing to take risks.

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    Good personal relationship: interesting and passionate. But should tell people close to you about your mood swing tendency. Severer bipolar can be debilitating or even dangerous. Medical treatments are necessary and effective. Magical and Schizophrenia a. Schizophrenia is one of the most serious psychiatric conditions.

    It also carries a lot of stigma in culture. However, Schizophrenia also has a spectrum. On the low end are the extremely rational people.

    Better Than Normal

    In the middle are people with imagination and are willing to take a leap of faith. At the high end are people divorced from reality. Mild Schizophrenia magical thinking arries advantages i. Imaginative: willing to let thoughts go beyond reality. Faith: willing to believe things that are not proven. Love and romantic: this is basically a leap of faith.

    Matical thinkers are flexible in personal relationship. They can get along well with a variety of personalities. Conclusion: a. Everyone is different. Nobody is normal. Instead, we should use our abnormality to our advantage. Close self-monitoring is valuable because our personality changes with situations and life stages. May 05, Sharon rated it it was ok Shelves: psychology. A groundbreaking new view of human psychology that shows how eight key traits of human behavior—long perceived as liabilities—can be important hidden strengths. What if the mood swings you sometimes experience c A groundbreaking new view of human psychology that shows how eight key traits of human behavior—long perceived as liabilities—can be important hidden strengths.

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