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Cesar Otero Rob Larsen. This book covers jQuery including a developer-level introduction and an in-depth look into some of the more advanced features.

Oldschool jQuery Single Page App - Live Coding with Jesse

The book focuses on features available as of jQuery 1. The first few chapters will help you set up a development environment and review important JavaScript concepts. Detailed coverage includes: functions that make up the library and usages of the core jQuery functionsin-depth to select and manipulate HTML elements with jQuerythe cross-browser ability to bind and manage browser eventsAjaxshortcuts jQuery offers for animating components in your web applications including moving, fading, toggling, and resizing elementsjQuery UI, which is an associated user interface library for jQuery and contains things such as widgets, effects, animations, and interactionsadditional jQuery UI features including moving, sorting, resizing, and selection elements with a mousetechniques, best practices, and patterns that you can apply to your code to make it more efficient, maintainable, and clearjQuery Template pluginauthoring jQuery plugins.

Slider Pro has a powerful API that allows you to control it i. You can also change its configuration or update its content on runtime. Videos inside the slider will be controlled automatically.

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For example, when a video starts playing, the autoplay stops, or, when another slide is selected, the video stops. All the navigation controls i. Slider Pro can be integrated with any lightbox script. In the examples featured above it uses the Fancybox lightbox. Examples: 2 and 4. You can Download or Fork this plugin on GitHub. For usage instructions please see the documentation. Easily load content from your posts i.

You can even combine multiple content types in the same slider. All sliders will be automatically cached, thus making them load very fast, without causing any slowdown on your server. This is especially useful when you load content from posts, galleries or Flickr. Easily update the Slider Pro plugin, directly from the WordPress Dashboard, just like you update most plugins. All your customizations will be preserved during updates.

The plugin's UI uses the default style of WordPress and makes it extremely easy to manage slides and sliders. For example, you can easily sort slides and layers with a simple drag and drop. In some cases, the inline information also contains a video tutorial.

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Easily preview all your changes directly in the admin area, without having to publish or update the slider first. You can even test the responsiveness in the preview. The Slider Pro plugin uses WordPress development best practices, to ensure smooth and conflict-less integration with any WordPress theme or plugin. In addition to the caching feature mentioned before, another optimization-related feature is the loading of CSS and JavaScript files only in posts where the slider is added.

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The plugin uses the WordPress recommended practices for preventing any unauthorized access and keeping all your data safe. The slider can be inserted in posts and pages using the shortcode, in the template files using PHP code, or in any widget area using the built-in slider widget.

The plugin can be installed without problems in MultiSite environments. You can activate it per site or network-wide, and each site will have its own separate sliders. Allows you to create backups or move sliders between installations. The examples showcased above are bundled with the plugin and you can import them into your own installation. You can use shortcodes to override existing sliders or create new sliders from scratch without using the admin area. You can also use this feature to dynamically generate sliders.

Key Features:

Slider Pro has over 20 hooks actions and filters that allow developers to modify the slider's output or add new functionality without having to change the plugin's code. Also, the slides are oriented vertically and the 'loop' feature is disabled.

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Fully Responsive Slider Pro is responsive by default. Touch-swipe The slider's touch-swipe capabilities provides a native-like navigation experience on touch-screen devices.

jQuery and JavaScript Coding: Examples and Best Practices

Breakpoints Breakpoints are similar to CSS media queries and allow you to dynamically change the slider's settings when the screen is at a certain size. CSS3 Transitions All animations in the slider are powered by CSS3 transitions, ensuring the smoothest animations that are possible at the moment. Carousel Layout The slider can show multiple slides in a carousel layout, by allowing you to set different sizes for the individual slide and for the whole slider.

Infinite Scrolling By default, the slides will be arranged in a loop, allowing infinite scrolling. Full Width and Full Window The slider's size can be forced to fill the width or the window even when it's inside a container that would normally restrict it to expand. Differently sized images Slider Pro can handle mixing landscape and portrait images inside the same slider. Auto Height The height of the slider can be set to adjust automatically to the full height of the currently selected slide. Customizable Orientation Both the orientation of the slides and the orientation of the thumbnails can be set to horizontal or vertical.

These examples barely scratch the surface. Almost anything you can do in CSS3 will work in jQuery, plus many more complicated selectors. The complete list of selectors is well documented on the jQuery Selectors documentation page. Forget this practice. Wipe it from your mind.

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This is the key to unobtrusive DOM scripting, as it allows us to completely separate our Javascript code from our markup. This means that we can create entire effects for our pages without changing the markup for the elements in question. Using this functionality in jQuery is simple. The true beauty of this markup is that it lives in an external Javascript file. In this case, an anonymous function is created inlineā€”a technique that is used throughout the jQuery documentation. One problem with many DOM scripting effects is that they often require us to hide elements of the document from view.

This hiding is usually achieved through CSS. However, this is less than desirable. The solution to this comes in the form of a plugin for jQuery called cssRule, which allows us to use Javascript to easily add CSS rules to the style sheet of the document. This is the key reason for runtime, Javascript-based, dynamic CSS rule creation. Simon Willison A great set of slides about using jQuery unobtrusively. Also, finishes with a wonderful summary of jQuery methods and usage.

When used correctly,jQuery can help you make your website more interactive, interesting and exciting.

Get ready. Hello World! Conclusion jQuery is an extremely powerful library that provides all the tools necessary to create beautiful interactions and animations in web pages, while empowering the developer to do so in an accessible and degradable manner.