Applied Abstract Algebra (Second Edition)

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Quadratic Forms and their Applications. Seller Inventory U. Seller Inventory SKU Seller Inventory NEW This book presents interesting applications of abstract algebra to practical real-world problems The book is appropriate as either a text for an applied abstract algebra course or as a supplemental text for a standard course in abstract algebra While fully developed the algebraic theory presented is just what is required for the applications discussed in the book pp. Great condition with minimal wear, aging, or shelf wear.

A First Course in Abstract Algebra Second Edition pdf - Web Education

Seller Inventory P Never used!. Language: English. Brand new Book.

What is Abstract Algebra? (Modern Algebra)

This book represents a complete course in abstract algebra, providing instructors with flexibility in the selection of topics to be taught in individual classes. All the topics presented are discussed in a direct and detailed manner. Throughout the text, complete proofs have been given for all theorems without glossing over significant details or leaving important theorems as exercises.

Basic Abstract Algebra Second Edition By Bhattacharya and Jain and Nagpaul PDF Book Download

The book contains many examples fully worked out and a variety of problems for practice and challenge. Solutions to the odd-numbered problems are provided at the end of the book. This new edition contains an introduction to lattices, a new chapter on tensor products and a discussion of the new approach to the celebrated Lasker-Noether theorem. In addition, there are over new problems and examples, particularly aimed at relating abstract concepts to concrete situations. Seller Inventory AAV Especially for those whose interest in algebra is not confined to abstract theory, the text makes the study of abstract algebra more exciting and meaningful.

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Seller Inventory AAN Published by Cambridge University Press, U. From: Bonny. Lee Vancouver, BC, Canada. Soft cover. Condition: Brand New.

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A First Course in Abstract Algebra Second Edition pdf

First Course in Linear Algebra P. Topics in Applied Abstract Algebra S.

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  • Nagpaul; S. Basic Abstract Algebra P. Bhattacharya; S. Nagpaul; Subodh K.

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    Fraleigh, J. A First Course in Abstract Algebra, 7th ed.