How (Not) to Have a Perfect Wedding

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They looked wonderful and there was no stress or grumbling over budgets. We made a lot of wedding party decisions based on that and it's something I think more couples should keep in mind. No one needs a flask or another pair of earrings — cover half the cost of their hair or tux instead!

The discounts they can get you and referrals to good vendors will save you the cost of the coordinator, maybe more — plus having peace of mind on your big day, it's so worth it. Don't make your bridesmaids or family members run around trying to find people for pictures or call vendors that are late. I was so busy rushing around the morning of my wedding that I didn't eat anything. By the time I got to the reception at, oh, 5 o'clock, I was utterly famished, to the point of being lightheaded. And then every time I tried to take bite of dinner, somebody was tapping their glass with their fork to get my husband and me to kiss.

I just wanted to eat my frickin' food! Neither of us ate anything at the reception, which made the next day pretty rough… " —Submitted by Alex Meyer Horn via Facebook. Plus, my hair was a bit weird looking from certain angles, so I should have taken some posed shots after my hair and makeup trial which BTW is a must! For the love of all that is holy, if I had just gotten to hug my darling groom, we wouldn't have been so racked with nerves and actually enjoyed the ceremony portion and looked less pale and nervous in our pre-ceremony photos.

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You won't remember all the cute Pinterest ideas the day of the wedding. Our photographer is truly an artist and took some amazing artistic shots of the bridal party, but I wish she did a better job capturing the love and friendship of our guests. It's only normal for a bride to want beautiful pictures of herself and her husband, but don't forget about everyone else!

I had a HUGE fight with my brother because I shared photos during the reception, and he thought it was an "unwritten rule" that the bride and groom share pictures when they are ready. In this day and age, with everyone posting to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, think about it, and discuss ahead of time so there are no hard feelings after the fact. The day goes by so fast and you will forget the little things about the speeches and the ceremony. If it's all on video, you can watch it again anytime you want!

One thing I wish I had done with our wedding. I was having so much fun, I got hammered and wound up asleep by 9 p. Missed my after-party and someone stole a quarter of our wedding cards. I'm still married, it is still one of my top favorite days, and I had a blast. But seriously, two drinks only. You're too busy to keep going to the bar. I cheaped out and got what I paid for.

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No good songs, nothing catered to the demographics, and he screwed up the bridesmaids' entrance song. Originality is key..

Great advice to step away from the boards after the decisions are made. Otherwise, I can only imagine how many last minute changes would result! Great article! Great advice, Lauren et al! Love this! Great for inspiration, then step back and keep it personal to you both and your unique story! LOVE this post! It is such an important lesson for brides-to-be and something I tell my own quite often.

Great post! Putting your own twist on anything is always a good idea. Plus — inspiration, not imitation is key! You bring up some super interesting issues here Lauren. The most interesting to me is the idea that a wedding has to be original. It has to be original to me a publisher, but why does it have to be original for a bride? Up until recently in history, a wedding was a play-by -the-numbers affair that tapped into tradition and originality was unheard of. The point was part right of passage for the couple, part legal and economic union of two, part property transfer the woman and her dowry being the property and part community celebration of the whole event.

Now, don;t get me wrong, as a blogger I like the shift to weddings as personal expression, and as a woman I like the shift away from the idea that I am owned by another person.

7 Steps To Make Your Own Perfect Wedding Preparation Checklist

However, I am not sold on the idea that originality is a goal of a wedding. It is the goal of publication, and it may be important to some brides including your readership but I think their is also room for brides who just want to have a pretty wedding without the added pressure being original with their details I agree with you Christie.

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There are thousands of brides and weddings featured on the web every day. Chances are good that no matter how original you try to be it has already been done. I think it is best to focus on what you find pleasing and beautiful. That said the article certainly has a point. Great article, Lauren. As a bride who is currently planning her own wedding with the help of my wonderful fiance who is less into Pinterest and more into coming up with ideas on our own I can totally relate.

I think that people need to remember that Pinterest is also a place to collect ideas that you found allover the web, not just a site you go to to search for ideas. Christie O. It certainly gives a false sense of what a regular wedding is, however I like being able to create similar things for couples! Nothing wrong with taking the inspiration and adding your own personal touches!

If you want to make your big day a beautiful and memorable experience, here are some tips to avoid wedding stress:. The world is literally a global village.

1. They're Crazy Expensive

Everyone has a smart phone or computer handy. We rely on technology to make every part of our lives easier and more convenient—including weddings. Technology enables you to have access to so many numerous intricate details that will make up your wedding day.

You will still have that traditional wedding, with just a little tech savvy support to make that dream come true. From the dress to the venues and caterers to invitations and wedding registries, you can plan nearly your entire wedding right from your phone, which is much less stressful than doing everything over the phone or traveling around all day. This is the love of your life and both of you have had countless memories together. In both your friendship and subsequent courtship.

How to Have the Perfect Wedding Day - Based on Tips (and Regrets) from Married Couples

You are about to make such a huge part of your future memories. Involve him in the planning and cut back on some of your stress. Talk to your groom, let him reexamine his assumptions about the planning of this particular day. He did not hand over the baton and stop on the track after proposing to you. When you work together, as a bride, you end up feeling more confident in the decisions you make about every detail of your wedding. It is simply because someone who knows you well and loves you is also giving their opinion.

He can help with the guest list, the sourcing for service providers, venues etc. Making decisions with your groom enables you to tune out the numerous opinions and consider the one you can about the most. You want the best day for yourself, in a way you have always dreamt of. You are however not a wedding planner, so you have two options:. You can find so much information online about a DIY wedding planning. Being prepared and organized helps you keep track of your planning in terms of guest lists, expenses, service providers already booked and that which you have not yet done.