The Secrets of Solomons Temple: Discover the Hidden Truth that Lies at the Heart of Freemasonry

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There was reason to believe, said the king, that the [Templar] order was profoundly heretical; that its military monks, in fact, were black magicians At these trials, many of the accused Templars admitted The creature, swore some of the accused, was named Baphomet Some may well have been practicing homosexuals Templars were the custodians of secret esoteric teachings, later associated with Rosicrucianism and esoteric masonry.

When we peruse some of the literature which Freemasons are encouraged to study, you will see repeated references to Knights Templar. Kah continues, "Having embraced Gnosticism while in Palestine, and in touch with the sect of the Assassins, the Templar order degenerated, and some of its members The crime of Sodomy was a rite of Templar initiation. Freemasonry is clearly Luciferian worship, despite their very clever, and successful, attempts to hide this fact. Homosexuality is very tightly tied in with the Knights Templar. In the paragraph above, we see homosexual practices such as Phallicism and Sodomy.

Since de Molay was Grand Master of Knights Templar, we can rightly conclude that he was also involved in these Satanic, and homosexual acts. We find it highly disturbing, then, that Demolay is one of the orders of Freemasonry for young men! Magic is recommended study, and practice, for Freemasons! Magic is defined as the "accomplishment of ends through the application of psychic technology".

Psychic is defined as "a trance medium" of the "realm of the paranormal. Again, this practice is completely forbidden by Scripture. Mysticism , Mythology, Numerology , and the Occult Sciences are all occultic by the very nature of their titles. All derive power from the supernatural occultic forces, and they all seek to divine the future. Palmistry is defined as the "science of interpreting the palms of the hands". Jupiter: Strongly developed, this mount indicates ambition, success, and riches.

If the mount of Jupiter is excessive, the person will be overly ambitious, even ruthless. Not only does Palmistry defy God's prohibition against divining the future, it also violates God's prohibition against worshipping Nature instead of worshipping the Creator [Romans ] Qabalah [also known as Kabbalah.

At some point, which remains uncertain, these occult teachings were reduced to writing, and the Kabalah was born. On page of 'Morals and Dogma', Pike states, 'The Kabalah is the key of the occult sciences; and the Gnostics were born of the Kabalists'. Kabalism was merely a unique version of the ancient mysteries specifically designed to deceive God's chosen people.

Unlike the other mysteries, its teachings dealt specifically with Israel, offering occult counter-explanations to the revelations of the prophets, complete with a cleverly disguised occult interpretation of the history of Israel. It seems incredible to me that the New Age is so dependent upon the Jewish occult Kabalah, because their Plan deliberately targets the destruction of all Jews. This is one more nail into the coffin of the pretense of Freemasonry to be synonymous with Christianity.

Consider what reincarnation is: it is the refined version of the lie which Satan told Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Integrity or influence? Inside the world of modern Freemasons | UK news | The Guardian

Satan told Eve, as he was attempting to convince her that she should eat of the fruit which God had forbidden. In Genesis , "And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. First, occultism teaches that man does not REALLY die; rather, his soul goes back into the reincarnation cycle, there to wait for its turn to be born again, usually into the body of an infant.

Then, men must expect to live many lifetimes before they can become truly "Perfect Man". This is the occult lie. And, Freemasonry is encouraging its members to study it! Rosicrucianism is one of the oldest occult secret societies in Europe, dating back to the Fourteenth Century. The supposed founder of Rosicrucianism was a man named Christian Rosenkreuz. He was a "noble German born in , who had traveled to the East in search of hidden wisdom In Damascus he first learned of the secret wisdom to be found in the mysterious Arabian city of Damcar.

Here, he was taught much by the initiates of a mystical secret society, learned Arabic, and translated an unidentified book, the 'Liber M'. He subsequently returned to Europe and, after further adventures, he and four others founded the Rosicrucian Fraternity. Satan tempts men by promising them "secret wisdom", and when he gets them hooked into believing this lie, he then shovels all sorts of Satanic doctrines into their minds. Men will never learn!! We are so easily deceived when we stray from God's Book!

By the brief description of the spiritual activities of Rosenkreuz, you can see that he is occult. Only occultism will "evoke the spirits of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water". Only the occult will worship these created elements! The true Christian will worship the Creator Who made these elements; the stupid occultist will worship the created elements!! This nonsense is the ultimate instance of worshipping the created world rather than the Creator [Romans ]!!

Freemasonry Q&A

Let me explain Sacred Geometry: it is the "art and science of describing the universe by number and universal patterns. Because of a belief in Sacred Geometry, occultists generally, and Freemasons particularly, have always been obsessed with geometry and architecture. Tarot is yet one another nail in the coffin of the lie that Freemasonry is Christian.

Albert Pike promotes the Tarot deck, saying that it "contains the Kabalistic alphabet" [Morals and Dogma, p. Since Tarot originated within the Satanic Mysteries of Ancient Egypt, we remember that God brought physical judgment down upon the Egyptians for their false worship. In fact, God had inflicted physical punishment upon the Egyptian people long before He finally destroyed them, punishing them for their worship of false gods.

Tarot cards are used "in order to obtain answers to questions, analyze the nature of a situation, or to learn the general nature of what the future holds in store -- [and] is one of the most popular methods of fortune telling. Because Freemasonry teaches this Biblically forbidden practice [see Scripture references under "Divination"] we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this organization is Satanic, not Godly. Theosophy has already been covered by our treatise on Madame H. But, we wish to reiterate that the House of Theosophy has been one of the darkest of the Satanic secret societies.

It propagated the lie of the 'Secret Doctrine', prompting Hitler to launch his 7-year Holocaust, which murdered 18 million people. The House of Theosophy trained both Nazis and Communists in its Switzerland location in the 's's in the finer aspects of the occult. Freemason damns itself when it promotes the writings of Theosophy.

You will find, when we begin to list selected recommended writings, below, that they recommend all the past Directors of Theosophy, Blavatsky, Annie Besant, and Alice A. All these writings from these authors, were admittedly 'automatic writing', which is defined as "writing produced when a person goes into an altered state and a spirit entity takes over the person's writing arm and hand to communicate.

Alice Bailey's "spirit entity was named "Master D. All these so-called "spirit entities" are nothing more than old fashioned demon possession , to use the Biblical term. From these subheadings on the front page of this mail order catalog from Kessinger Publishing, you can see that Freemasonry is Satanic, occultic. But, just to make sure you get the point, we are going to list many of the books which Kessinger recommends to the Freemason to read and to study. You will clearly see the Truth about Freemasonry when you read these book listings. As you read this selected listing of the many books recommended to Freemasons, you are looking at a cross section of a Masonic "library"!

Every one of these books have been selected by Kessinger Masonry publishing house for Freemason Brothers to read. Even if you do not know much about the occult, you realize that the practices which God forbade in the Bible, as listed above, are found on this Masonic recommended reading list time after time after time. You will also find organizations that we have identified as occultic on this Masonic list.

We have also taken the liberty of writing NOTES in square brackets [ ] to give you further information. One final note: we do not use quotes when we list these book titles, and the contents of them, since we are taking so much of what they say verbatim. Whenever we add commentary, it will be in double square [ ] brackets. If we do use quotation marks ["] it is because we are quoting from another source. This is the best work, easily comprehended, on the inner meanings of many biblical and esoteric terms.

C. W. Leadbeater 33°

Highly recommended! This book, suppressed by the Early Church Fathers who compiled the Bible, will take away the veil of secrecy that has hidden for many years the act of the church in accepting certain Scriptures and rejecting others. Herein are the many valuable works of early Christians which will pour more light into the real meaning and teachings of true Christianity. ISBN , pages. By claiming that there were "Lost Books" of the Bible, and by implying that the many books which were rejected as Scripture were rejected erroneously, occultic authors "mystically reinterpret" all Scripture, getting its readers ready for the doctrines of Antichrist].

The latter is especially interesting to those interested in the "vengeance" Templar and Kadosh aspects of Freemasonry. Theory of Transmigration. Antichrist themes keep coming up in connection with Freemasonry, don't they? Emphasis mine. This practice is so very occultic, it further brands Freemasonry as occultic. Note also that this write-up states that this "practical" book is only for use by Occult Students. The "wonderful" situation behind this physical success is the understanding that, in order for the physical change to have occurred, the heart, mind, and soul of the Alchemist had to have changed first!

Now, he is a more Perfected Man! Learn what him the most remarkable man he was. Contents: Struggle for an Education; First Adventure This is the standard occult belief that the human mind can create reality!! They are promised greater influence over others, so they can succeed in business or whatever vocation they are in, and become wealthy. Do these principles work? But that is not the point, either, is it?

The point is that these people are involved in Satanism in a not too subtle way. This is another excellent reason to impose such great secrecy on what they are doing! Now you know what kind of programs these truly are. Since Satanism works, we can see the tremendous appeal Freemasonry has had over the centuries to the best and brightest in a society.

Now, you can begin to understand why so many Freemasons have attained so greatly in society, rising to positions of leadership unparalleled in history! But, these men pay a very, very steep price for this occult knowledge: their eternal souls. Witchcraft works, but that is NOT the issue. The issue is that God has forbidden these practices! This is one of Bacon's most mysterious and prophetical works. References to the philosophy of the Rosicrucians and Freemasons are abundant.


It is maintained that the New Atlantis was the blueprint for the founding of America. This fable my lord devised, to the end that he might exhibit therein a model or description of a college, instituted for the interpreting of nature, and the producing of great and marvellous works for the benefit of man, under the name of Solomon's House, or the College of the Six Days' Works.

This book must be read by anyone interested in mystical history. Notice that they even used these occult techniques to make money on the Stock Market and in Horse Racing!! The more things change, the more they stay the same!! ISBN Psychical Research. Also, Automatic Writing occurs when a person allows a demon to take control of their mind, arms, and fingers to write right through them.

As far back as history goes, evidences are found of a belief in Dreams. Not only are the ancient books of the Greeks, Romans, and Hindus filled with allusions to the importance of Dreams, but the Bible contains many a startling instance of the reality of nightly visions. Equating the dreams from the Bible, which are clearly stated to have come from God or His messenger, with the occult interpretation of dreams, highlights one of the many problems with Freemasonry -- its view of God and His Bible to be just another ancient religion that is just like other ancient religions!

A literary curiosity gathered from unexplored sources and from books of greatest rarity. With a special bibliography. A large portion of this book is in Latin. Extremely scarce -- only fifty copies were purported to have been published. What this book is doing is deriving "spiritual truths" from certain words in the Bible. Of course, this technique is a perfect cover for Satan to "mystically reinterpreting" Scripture, perverting God's original meaning. We should have immediately been alerted by the admission that the sources for this nonsense were "unexplored", and to read this book is to "leave the beaten track of learning".

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God urges us to "Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. Q - Did you ever travel? A - My forefathers did. Q - Where did they travel? A - Due East and West. Q - What was the object of their travels? A - They travelled East in search of instruction, and West to propagate the knowledge they had gained. Q - Did you ever work? A - My ancient Brethren did. Q - Where did they work?

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A - At the building of King Solomon's Temple and many other stately edifices. Q - If they worked, I presume they received wages? How long first? A - Six days or less. Q - Why not on the seventh? A - Because the Almighty was pleased be six days, periodically, in creating the Heavens and the Earth, and all that is therein and thereon contained; and rested on the seventh. Q - A beautiful Illustration of the periods of the creation, I will thank you for.

A - When we consider that the formatation of the world was work of that Omnipotent being who created this beautiful system of the Universe, and caused all nature to be under His immediate care and protection, how ought we to magnify and adore His Holy name, for His infinite wisdom, goodness, and mercy to the children of men! Before it pleased the Almighty to command this vast whole into existence, the elements and materials of Creation lay blended together without form or distinction.

Darkness was over the great deep, when the Spirit of God moved on the face of the waters. And as an example to man, that things of moment ought to be done with due deliberation, He was pleased to be six days, periodically, in commanding it from chaos to perfection. The first instance of His supreme power was made manifest by commanding Light. Being pleased with the operation of His divine goodness, He gave it His sacred approbation; and distinguished it by a name; the light He called day, and the darkness He called night. In order to keep this new-framed matter within just limits, He employed the second period in laying the foundation of the Heavens; which He called firmament; designed to keep the waters within the clouds and those beneath them asunder.

The third period was employed in commanding these waters into due bounds on the retreat of which, dry land appeared which He called Earth; and the gathering together of the mighty waters He called Seas. The Earth being as yet irregular and uncultivated God spake the word, and it was immediately covered with a beautiful carpet of grass, designed as pasture for the brute creation; to which succeeded herbs, plan flowers, shrubs, and trees of all sorts, to full growth, maturity, and perfection. On the fourth period, those two grand luminaries, the Sun and Moon, were created one to rule the day, and the other to govern the night.

The sacred historian further informs us they were ordained for signs and for seasons, for days and years. Besides the Sun and Moon, the Almighty was pleased to bespangle the ethereal concave with a multitude of Stars, that man, who He intended to make, might contemplate thereon, and justly admire the majesty and glory of His creator. On the fifth period, He created the birds to fly in the air, that man might please both his eyes and ears; by being delighted with some for their beautiful plumage and uncommon instincts; and with others for their melodious notes.

He also in the same period caused the waters to bring forth variety of fish; and to impress man with reverential awe of His Divine omnipotence. He created great whales; which, with other inhabitants of the deep, after their kin multiplied and increased exceedingly. On the sixth period, He created the beasts of the field, and the reptiles that crawl the earth. And here we may plainly perceive the wisdom and goodness of the Almighty, made manifest in all His proceedings, by producing what effects He pleased, without the aid of natural causes; such.

He did not create the beasts of the field until He had provided them with sufficient herbage for their support; nor did He make man until He had completed the rest of His works and finished and furnished him a dwelling, with everything requisite both for life and pleasure. Then, still more to dignify the work of His hands, He created man; who came into the world with greater splendour than any creature which had preceded him; they coming into existence by no other than a single command, God spake the word, and it was done, but at the formation of man there was a consultation.

God expressly said, Let us make man: who was accordingly formed out of the dust of the earth; the breath of life was breathed into his nostrils, and man became a living soul. In this one creature was amassed whatever is excellent in the whole creation; the quality or substance of an animal being; the life of plants; the sense of beasts; and above all the understanding of Angels; created after the immediate image of God, with the rectitude of body; intimating thereby that integrity, and uprightness, should ever influence him to adore his Benign Creator, who had so liberally bestowed on him the faculty of speech, and endued him with that noble instinct called reason.

The Almighty, as His last, best gift to man, then created woman; under His forming hands a creature grew, manlike, but different sex, so lovely fair, that what seemed fair in all the world, seemed now mean, or in her summed up, in her contained. On she came, led by her heavenly Maker, though unseen, and guided by His voice; adorned with what all earth or Heaven could bestow to make her amiable; grace was in all her steps, Heaven in her eye, in every gesture dignity and love. On the sixth period God's works being ended, on the seventh He rested from His labour; He therefore sanctified, blessed, and hallowed the seventh day; thereby teaching men a useful lesson; to work six days industriously in support of themselves and families; strictly commanding them to rest on the seventh, the better to contemplate on the works of the creation, and adore Him as their Creator; to go into His sanctuary to return Him thanks for their preservation, well-being, and all the other blessings they have so liberally received at His hands.

Brethren, this ends the second section of the second lecture: May a remembrance of the Six Periods of the Creation stimulate Fellow Crafts to acts of industry. To order, Brethren Section Three. A - That on the left was called Boaz, and that on the right Jachin Q - What are their separate and conjoint significant? A - The former denotes strength the latter to establish and when conjoined stability, for God said In strength will I establish my word in the Mine house that it will stand fast for ever.

Q - The height of those Pillars? A - Seventeen cubits and a half each. Q - Their circumference? A - Twelve. Q - Their diameter? A - Four. Q - Were they formed hollow or solid? A - Hollow. Q - Why were they formed hollow? A - The better to serve as Archives to Masonry, for therein were deposited the constitutional rolls.

Q - Being, formed hollow, what was the thickness of the outer rim or shell? A - Four inches, or a hand's breadth. Q - What were they made of? A - Molten brass. Q - Where were they cast? A - In the plain of Jordan, in the clay ground between Succoth and Zeredathah where King Solomon ordered those and all his holy vessels to be cast. Q - Who superintended the casting? Q - What were they adorned with? A - Two Chapiters. Q - The height of those Chapiters? A - Five cubits each. Q - What were they enriched with? A - Net-work, Lily-work, and Pomegranates.

Q - What do Net-work, Lily-work, and Pomegranates denote? A - Net-work, from the connection of its meshes, denotes unity; Lily-work, from its whiteness, peace; and Pomegranates, from the exuberance of their seed, denote plenty. Q - How many rows of Pomegranates were there on each Chapiter, and how many in a row? A - There were two rows of Pomegranates on each Chapiter, one hundred in a row.

Q - What were they further adorned with? A - Two Spherical Balls. Q - What were delineated thereon? A - Maps of the Celestial and Terrestrial Globes. Q - What does that point out? A - Masonry universal. Q - When were they considered finished? A - When the net-work or canopy was thrown over them. Q - Where were they ordered to be placed? A - At the Entrance of the Temple as a memorial to the children of Israel of that miraculous pillar of fire and cloud, which had two wonderful effects: the fire gave light to the Israelites during their escape from their Egyptian bondage and the cloud proved darkness to Pharaoh and his followers when they attempted to overtake them.

King Solomon ordered them to be placed at the entrance of the Temple, as the most proper and conspicuous situation for the children of Israel to have the happy deliverance of their forefathers continually before their eyes, in going to and returning from, Divine Worship. Q - Where did our Ancient Brethren go to receive their wages? Q - Having entered the Porch, where did they arrive? A - At the foot of the winding staircase, which led to the Middle Chamber. Q - Who opposed their ascent? Q - Communicate the Pass Grip to me. A - A Pass Word.

Q - Give me that Pass Word. Q - What does this word denote? A - Plenty. Q - How is it depicted in our Lodges? A - By an Ear of Corn near to a pool of Water. Q - I will thank you for the origin of the word. A - The word dates its origin from the time that an army of Ephraimites crossed the river Jordan in a hostile manner against Jephtha, the renowned Gileaditish general; the reason they assigned for this unfriendly visit was, that they had not been called out to partake of the honours of the Ammonitish war, but their true aim was to partake of the rich spoils with which, in consequence of that war, Jephtha: and his army were then laden.

The Ephraimites had always been considered a clamorous and turbulent people, but then broke out into open violence, and after many severe taunts to the Gileadites in general, threatened to destroy their victorious commander and his house with fire. And as this word was then a test word to distinguish friend from foe, King Solomon afterwards caused it to be adopted as a Pass Word in a Fellow Craft's Lodge, to prevent any unqualified person ascending the winding staircase, which led to the Middle Chamber of the Temple.

Brethren, this ends the third section of the second lecture: May Peace, Plenty, and Unanimity ever subsist among Fellow Crafts. A - Pass Q - Where did they then pass? A - Up the winding staircase. Q - Consisting of how many Steps? A - Three, five, seven, or more.

The Hidden Life in Freemasonry

Q - Why three? A - It takes three to rule a lodge. Q - Why five? A - To hold a lodge. Q -Why seven or more? Q - Who are the three that Rule a Lodge? A - The Worshipful Master and his two Wardens. Q - Who are the five that hold a Lodge? Q - Who are the seven that make it perfect? A - Two Entered Apprentices added to the former five. Q - Why do three Rule a Lodge.?

A - Because there were but three Grand Masters who bore sway at the building of the first Temple at Jerusalem. Q - I will thank you for the rise of those orders. A - In the history of man, there is nothing more remarkable than that Masonry and civilisation, like twin sisters, have gone hand in hand. The Orders of Architecture mark their growth and progress. Dark, dreary, and comfortless were those days when Masonry had not laid her line, or extended her compass. The race of mankind, in full possession of wild and savage liberty, mutually afraid of, and offending each other, hid themselves in thickets of the wood, or in dens and caverns of the earth.

In those poor recesses and gloomy solitudes, Masonry found them, and the Grand Geometrician of the Universe, pitying their forlorn situation, instructed them to build houses for their case, defence, and comfort. It is easy to conceive that in the early state of society, genius had expanded but little. The first efforts were small, and the structure simple and rude; no more than a number of trees leaning together at the top, in the form of a cone, interwoven with twigs, and plastered with mud to exclude the air and complete the work. In this early period we may suppose each desirous to render his own habitation more convenient than his neighbour's, by improving on what had already been done.

Thus in time, observation, assisting that natural sagacity inherent even in uncultivated minds, led them to consider the inconveniences of the round sort of habitation, and to build others, more spacious and convenient, of the square form, by placing trunks of trees perpendicularly in the ground to form the sides, filling the interstices between them with the branches, closely woven, and covered with clay. Horizontal beams were then placed on the upright trunks, which being strongly joined at the angles, kept the sides firm, and likewise served to support the covering or roof of the building, composed of joists, on which were laid several beds of reeds, leaves, and clay.

Yet, rough and inelegant as these buildings were, they had this salutary effect; that by aggregating mankind together, they led the way to new improvements in arts and civilisation; for the hardest bodies will polish by collision, the roughest manners by communion and intercourse. Thus, by degrees, mankind improved in the art of building, and invented methods to make their huts more lasting and handsome, as well as convenient. They took off the bark and other unevenness from the trunks of the trees that formed the sides; raised them above the earth and humidity, on stones; and covered each of them with a flat stone or tile to keep off the rain.

The spaces between the ends of the joists they closed with clay or some other substance; and the ends of the joists they covered with boards, cut in the manner of triglyphs, The form of the roof was likewise altered; for, being, on account its flatness, unfit to throw off the rain that fell in abundance during the winter seasons, they raised it in the middle, giving it the form of a gable roof by placing rafters on the joists to support the clay, and other materials, that composed the covering.

From these simple forms the Orders of Architecture took their rise; for when buildings of wood were set aside, and men began erect solid and stately edifices of stone, they, imitated the parts necessity had introduced into the primitive huts, and adapted them in the Temples; which, although at first simple and rude, were in course of time, and by the ingenuity of succeeding architects, wrought and improved to such a degree of perfection on different models, that each was by way of eminence denominated an "Order.

They are distinguished by the names of the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian; and exhibit three distinct characters of composition suggested by the diversity of form in the human frame. The other two are of Italian origin, and are called Roman Orders; they are distinguished by the names of the Tuscan and Composite. The Tuscan Order is the simplest and most solid, and is placed first in the list of the five Orders of Architecture on account of its plainness. Its column is seven diameters high; the base, capital, and entablature have but few mouldings, and no other ornaments.

Whence it has been compared to a sturdy labourer dressed in homely apparel. This Order is no other than the Doric, more simplified or deprived of its ornaments to suit certain purposes; and adapted by the inhabitants of Tuscany, who were a colony of the Dorians. Yet there is a peculiar beauty in its simplicity, which adds to its value, and renders it fit to be used in structures where the rich and more delicate Orders might be deemed superfluous.

The Doric is the first of the Grecian Orders, and is placed second in the list of the five Orders of Architecture. Its column, agreeable to modem proportions, is eight diameters high. It has no ornament except mouldings on either base or capital. Its frieze is distinguished by triglyphs and metopes, and its cornice by mutules.

Being the most ancient of all the orders, it retains more of the primitive-hut style in its form than any of the rest. The triglyphs in the frieze represent the ends of the joists, and the mutules in its cornice represent the rafters. The composition of this Order is both grand and noble; being formed after the model of a muscular, full-grown man, delicate ornaments are repugnant to its characteristic solidity. It therefore succeeds best in the regularity of its proportions; and is principally used in warlike structures where strength and a noble simplicity are required.

At this era, their buildings, although admirably calculated for strength and convenience, wanted something in grace and elegance, which a continual observation of the softer sex supplied; for the eye that is charmed with symmetry must be conscious of woman's elegance and beauty. This gave rise to the Ionic Order. History informs us that the famous Temple of Diana, at Ephesus which was upwards of two hundred years in building , was composed of this Order. Both elegance and ingenuity were displayed in the invention of this column.

It is formed after the model of a beautiful young woman, of an elegant shape, dressed in her hair, as a contrast to that of the Doric, which represents a strong robust man. Thus the human genius began to bud; the leaf and flower ripening to perfection, producing the fairest and finest fruits, every liberal art, every ingenious science, which could civilise, refine, and exalt mankind. Then it was that Masonry put on her richest robes and decked herself in her most gorgeous apparel. A new capital was in vented at Corinth by Calimachus, which gave rise to the Corinthian, which is deemed the richest of the Orders, and masterpiece of art.

Its column is ten diameters high, its capital is adorned with two rows of leaves, and eight volutes which sustain the abacus. This order is chiefly used in stately and superb structures. Calimachus took the hint of the capital of this column from the following remarkable circumstance. Accidentally passing the tomb of a young lady, he perceived a basket of toys which had been left there by her nurse, covered with a tile, and placed over an Acanthus root; as the leaves grew up, they encompassed the basket, till arriving at the tile, they met with an obstruction and bent downwards; Calimachis, struck with the object, set about imitating the, figure; the base of the capital he made to represent the basket, the abacus the tile; and the volutes the bending leaves.

Yet not content with this utmost production of her own powers, Masonry held forth her torch and illumined the whole circle of arts and sciences. This gave rise to the Composite Order, so named from being composed of parts of the other Orders. It capital is adorned with the two rows of leaves of the Corinthian, the volutes of the Ionic; and has the quarter-round of the Tuscan and Doric Orders. Its column is ten diameters high; and its cornice has dentils or simple modillions. This Order is chiefly used in structures where strength, elegance, and beauty are displayed.

Q - Why do seven or more make a perfect Lodge? A - Because King Solomon was seven years and upwards, in building, completing, and dedicating the Temple at Jerusalem to God's service. Q - They have a further allusion? A - To the seven liberal arts and sciences, viz. A - Grammar teaches the proper arrangement of words according to the idiom or dialect of any particular kingdom or people and that excellence of pronunciation which enable us to speak and write a language with accuracy and precision; agreeable to reason, authority, and the strict rules of literature.

A - Teaches us to speak copiously and fluently on any subject; not merely with precision alone, but with all the advantages of force and elegance, wisely contriving to captivate the hearers by strength of argument and beauty of expression, whether it be to instruct, exhort, admonish, or applaud. A - Teaches us to guide our reason discretionally in the general knowledge of things and to direct our inquiries after truth; as well for the instruction of others as our own improvement.

It consists of regular trains of argument, whence we infer, deduce, and conclude, according to certain premises laid down, admitted or granted. In it are employed the faculties of conceiving, reasoning, judging, and disposing;- all of which are naturally led on from one gradation to another, until the point in question is finally determined.

A - Teaches the powers and properties of numbers; by means of letters, tables, figures, and instruments. By this art, reasons and. A - Treats of the powers and properties magnitude in general, where length, length and breadth, or length, breadth, and thickness are considered. By this science, the Architect is able to execute his plans, and estimate his designs; the General to arrange his soldier, the Engineer to mark out ground for encampments; the Geographer to give the dimensions of the world, to delineate the extent of seas, and specify the division of empires, kingdoms, and provinces.

By it also the Astronomer is enabled to make his observations, to calculate and fix the duration of times, seasons, years, and cycles; in fine, Geometry is the foundation and root of the mathematics. A - Teaches us the art of forming concords, so as to produce a delightful harmony by a mathematical and proportionate arrangement of acute, grave, and mixed sound This art by a variety of experiments is reduced to a demonstrative science, with respect to tones and the intervals of sound.

It inquires into the nature of concords and discord and enables us to find out a due proportion between them by numbers; -and is never employed to such advantage as in the praise of The Great Geometrician of the Universe. A - Is that Divine art by which we a taught to read the Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty, of the Almighty Creator, in the sacred pages of the Celestial hemisphere. Assisted by Astronomy, we can observe the motions, measure the distances, comprehend the magnitude, and calculate the periods and Eclipses of the Heavenly Bodies; by it also we learn the use of the Globes, the system of the World, and the primary laws of Nature; and while we are employed in the study of this science, we may perceive unparalleled instances of wisdom and goodness, and on every hand may trace the Glorious Author by His works.

Brethren, this ends the fourth section of the second lecture: May the study of the Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences ever render us susceptible to the benignity of a Supreme Being. To order, Brethren Section Five. Q - After our ancient Brethren. A - At the door of the Middle Chamber of the Temple.