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It was the road accident, counseling sessions, reading books on alcoholism and knowing more about the menace of alcohol, that motivated me to strongly decided to quit alcohol for life. Q: Once you gave up drinking did you face, or were you confronted with, any difficult challenges ranging from minor struggles to setbacks that threatened your resolve and may have defeated a lesser person.

What tests did you face, what allies did you meet? The only enemy I have to face was myself. As I said earlier, none of my friends compelled me to drink ever in my life.

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It was my decision to start drinking and it is the addictive nature of alcohol which kept me hooked. The happiness my mom, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends experience after I embraced sobriety is priceless.

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Q: Did you emerge wiser from these trials? In what way did these tests help you prepare for the ultimate test—unwavering sobriety. Looking back now, what advice or warning would you give to others about what could go wrong, and possibly derail their decision to give up drinking? Our life is a great teacher. Out of my drunkenness and reckless riding, I hit an innocent, elderly pedestrian with my motorbike.

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He was 73 years old. If that elderly person was dead, I would have ended up in jail. To me, thinking about that incident is still scary. Alcohol is a legally available addictive substance. People cant stop drinking because they are hooked by its addictive nature and nothing else. People think drinking is fun. Even I thought so till a few months ago. It is saddening that our society and media is all praise for drinking and smoking just trapping youngsters into the mindset that drinking and smoking are essential for a fun-filled life. Life is more beautiful if you take away alcohol from it.

We can have everlasting, memorable fun and experiences without the influence of alcohol. Q: What were your deepest fears during this time? Was this your experience?


In what way? The dark villain is me. I was engaged in an inner battle with my own demon. Even before going to counseling I had determined with a half-heart that I had to quit drinking. My family has a background of alcohol and drug abuse. My father died from alcohol-related disease, my maternal grandfather died due to heavy drinking. My paternal grandfather was also a heavy drinker. A few of my uncles, cousins, and family friends are also suffering from alcoholism.

It was only after counseling that I realized that I was suffering from depression—not from a hangover. I have a great many reasons to quit alcohol not a single reason to continue with it.

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When you find no reason to drink alcohol, you will quit. When I get bored I have better things to do today other than drinking. Why should I drink and invite trouble as well as create a deep hole in my purse, if I can do productive, enjoyable things like reading, writing, working out and talking with friends which add value to my life and myself? Q: What rewards did you reap—external knowledge, a promotion, career success, improved relationships, better health etc. Moreover, I have more reasons not to drink.

Even after two months of alcohol-free life, I can really feel the changes in myself and things I do. First and foremost, my financial situation has improved. I spent too much money on this destructive habit of mine. I started doing things I love with more vigor and passion.

Alcohol disconnected me from my life, my business and myself. Today, I feel that connection is back. It is priceless.

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Q: Having gained the rewards, and with nothing left to prove, how was your early experience of sobriety? For the past four years, I was struggling with my drinking. I tried to quit in all ways I can but in vain. Today, I feel if I had read the books I read today or attended a good counseling session, I should have got the power to quit alcohol for life earlier. The late Stephen Hawking was one of the most brilliant and influential scientists of the twentieth and twenty-first century. A documentary by director Robo Belic, Happy attempts to answer whether we have the potential to make ourselves happy, exploring the latest scientific research coming from positive psychology.

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However, much more than just science talk, the film takes you on a journey around the world to meet people who claim to have found some semblance of happiness in their own life, from the wealthy of Okinawa, Japan and sixty-year-old Brazilian surfers to members of a Danish commune. Short Term 12 is a story about change.

Appearing at first to be just another Disney animated movie, this film is so much more. Zootopia tells the story of an aspiring big-city police officer. The aspiring police officer? A spunky country girl, err bunny, born far outside the city. Somehow both an incredibly fun and entertaining movie for kids and adults alike while also telling a compelling story about prejudice, racism, and xenophobia, Zootopia hits it out of the park in every way.

Living on One Dollar is a reality-style documentary that follows four college students as they attempt to live in Guatemala for eight weeks, a country where the average citizen can live on as little as one dollar a day hence the title. When Catherine arrived in England, tea was being consumed there only as a medicine, supposedly invigorating the body and keeping the spleen free of obstructions.

But since the young queen was used to sipping the pick-me-up as part of her daily routine, she no doubt continued her habit, making it popular as a social beverage rather than as a health tonic.

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Ladies flocked to copy her and be a part of her circle. Hot poet of the time, Edmund Waller, even wrote a birthday ode to her shortly after her arrival, which forever linked the queen and Portugal with the fashionable status of tea in England. He wrote:. And what happens with famous people? Non-famous people imitate them.

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No sugar spoons, no cups, no tea kettles only kitchen kettles , so we did what always happens: we copied the entire ritual from China. As soon as tea arrived, it had very strong connections to feminine women and very big houses, I suppose through Catherine, because the porcelain cost huge amounts of money.

The poor had to make due with earthenware. So everything that was expensive had to do with the aristocracy.