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A pioneer in the field of Scrolls research and well known for his work in Aramaic studies and in the Semitic background of the New Testament, Fitzmyer here explores particularly how the Scrolls have shed light on the Qumran community itself, on the interpretation of significant biblical themes, and on the rise of early Christianity. Originally written to appeal to both scholars and general readers interested in the Dead Sea Scrolls, all of the articles in this volume have been updated to take into account current discussions of this extraordinary archaeological find.

Ancient Treasures and the Dead Sea Scrolls

All Rights Reserved. Excerpt Over the years since the Dead Sea Scrolls were first published in the early s, I have been studying them and have published a number of books and articles devoted to them.

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Brooke Fortress Press, Read preview Overview. Vanderkam William B. Eerdmans, Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, Vol.

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For example:. They testify to the reliability of Jewish scribal transmission of the Hebrew Bible. Many of the biblical texts found at Qumran are 1, years older than any previously known Hebrew texts. But they vary only slightly from known Hebrew manuscripts upon which our current translations are based. They shed comparison and contrasting light on the teachings of Yeshua and his disciples, and on how he and they interpreted the Scriptures.

They prove that "Judaism" was far more diverse in thought and practice during that era than the current version of Rabbinic-Talmudic-Pharisaic Judaism we know today. The scrolls show that a conservative Bible-centered Jewish movement that called for individual repentance and commitment to God, declared the imminent arrival of God's "new covenant" and predicted an outpouring of "the Spirit of Truth," all centered around a teacher who was called "mashiach" — was not an alien Jewish aberration.

The movement may not have been powerful or widely popular. But it emerged among educated and pious Jews — very likely Jerusalem priests — not a cultic fringe.

The Dead Sea Scrolls Today, rev. ed / Edition 2

But the Scrolls are not the secret key to unlocking the New Testament and its true meaning. Nor do any contents of the Qumran documents radically alter the NT portrait of Yeshua. Again, there are no NT texts among the scroll fragments. The Scrolls are simply an additional chorus of witnesses about the times of Yeshua and his disciples — especially the theological atmosphere that enveloped the Jewish people in that critical First Century. He has a teacher's mind.

He's thorough and balanced, and unladened by higher critical, anti-Christian biases that some Scrolls scholars are ladened with. Brill, [this edition has Hebrew transcriptions and English translations of the major DSS documents, with extensive bibliographies where each was previously published].

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Brill Academic, [the latest translation of non-biblical documents; pages, paperback]. Seller Inventory AAC Book Description Paperback.

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