The Amazing Secrets of the Yogi

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On the wings of the last exhalation the spark of life departs, leaving behind a cold corpse of what was a little while ago, a child, a youth or an aged person. These facts reveal that breathing, which we regard as a commonplace thing, and which is shared by all living things, is a subject of supreme importance, which deserves the most earnest study of every enlightened person.

More than thirty centuries ago, the sages of India discovered that not only life, but health, longevity, wisdom, spiritual attainment and success, depend upon certain processes which are governed by immutable cosmic laws. They discovered the causes of the external effects of breath upon the physical organism. Then, after a detailed study of the laws governing breath, they were able to bring about desired effects, by an intelligent control of breath.

By the control of the breath, they retain health, virility, and evergreen youth; they attain to all wisdom and sublimated heights of spiritual grandeur; and they are able to prolong life indefinitely, until they no longer want to live. The internal nature is in direct contact with all nature, all persons and all things; and, for this reason, he who conquers the internal nature controls the whole universe; it becomes his servant.

The Amazing Secrets of the Yogi - Charles F. Haanel - Google книги

The lessons in the Parts of this volume will give you the various methods of gaining control of the internal nature. Higher forces than we know in physical nature will be subdued. The body is but the externalisation of the mind. Mind and body are not different things; they are but two aspects of one thing. The physical body is an electrical dynamo, and the astral body is simply the magnetic field of the individual, and the Hindu Sages after much investigation and experimentation found that the planetary vibrations, which reach us in invisible waves of different wave-lengths, change the polarity and valency of the astral body which controls all subconscious activities of the physical body.

They also found that a change in the polarity and valency of the astral body causes a radical and contemporaneous change in the breath flow. Thus it was discovered that the vibratory energy which emanates from the planets regulates the flow of the breath. This in turn affects all other subconscious activities, which brings about similar changes in the thought of the individual.

The change in thought influences the operation of the magnetic law of attraction and repulsion. Thus the person is drawn into a different environment, where he meets with failure or success, sorrow or happiness, loss or gain, disease or health. The Yogi sages discovered that every thought changes the polarity and valency of the astral body.

As it is possible to regulate the thought activities, a sceptre of power has been placed in the hands of those who are initiated into the mysteries of Yogi Philosophy, by which they can become the architects of their own fortune and consciously control their health, conditions and experiences.

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Let us see just how this is done. In the first place, rhythmical breathing causes all the molecules in the body to take the same direction. This induces an electrical current which changes mind into Will, because the nerves show polarity under the action of electric currents.

When all the motions of the body have become perfectly rhythmical, the body has become a gigantic battery of Will. This tremendous Will is exactly what the Yogi wants, because Will is concentrated thought, which impregnates the Astral Body. The Astral Body, being composed of ethereal substance of a very high rate of vibration, is in direct contact with all other ethereal substance and with every other Astral Body in the same rate of vibration, just as a radio receiver can be attuned to any vibrations in the ether of the same wave length.

It then becomes evident that by control of the internal or mental, it becomes a simple matter to control the external or material. We have heretofore neglected this finer internal nature. We have looked at things from the outside rather than from within. We have found it easier to accept conditions than to resist them. In the development of the inner nature the perceptions get finer and finer until we begin to realize that we are in touch with a realm of consciousness which perhaps we may not have known was in existence. A recognition of your inner or spiritual nature is essential before progress of any kind can be made, because such recognition is necessary in order that you may come into an understanding of the creative power of thought, whereby you will be enabled to set the Law into operation.

The affirmation at the end of this Part Five has been prepared to assist you in bringing about any ideal in life which you may have. In making use of the affirmation, sit erect, but comfortably with both feet on the floor, spine straight, and hold the thought in mind for at least ten minutes, to the exclusion of every other thought. Do this night and morning, twice a day. At first you will find it difficult, but it will gradually become easier until the process becomes natural and finally almost automatic.

The continuous practice of this exercise will have a most wonderful influence upon your life, because every condition, physical, mental or environmental, must gradually change so as to be in harmony with the thought which you hold in mind. But the affirmation will be of no value to you unless you use it, and the value will depend entirely upon the time and effort which you give to the work. If you take time to make use of this affirmation, you will find that you have plenty of time for everything else.

The successful man has plenty of time; he is never in a hurry, he knows that there is no occasion for haste; he, therefore, gives his entire thought to the work which he has on hand. If you concentrate upon the thoughts given, if you give them your entire attention, you will find a world of meaning in each sentence, and will attract to yourself other thoughts in harmony with them, and you will soon grasp the full significance of the vital knowledge upon which you are concentrating.

Knowledge does not apply itself; you as an individual must make the application, and the application consists in fertilizing the thought with a living purpose. The time and thought which most persons waste in aimless effort would accomplish wonders if properly directed with some special object in view. In order to do this, it is necessary to centre your mental force upon a specific thought and hold it there, to the exclusion of all other thoughts.

If you have ever looked through the focusing screen of a camera, you found that when the object was not in focus, the impression was indistinct and possibly blurred, but when the proper focus was obtained the picture was clear and distinct. This illustrates the power of concentration. Unless you can concentrate upon the subject which you have in view, you will have but a hazy, indifferent, vague, indistinct and blurred outline of your ideal and the results will be in accordance with your mental picture.

Spirit is one and indivisible; a part cannot be where the whole is not. The only difference is one of degree. Spirit is the real elixir of life, the philosophers' stone, the fountain of life eternal, the transforming power which changes to golden truth all that seemed dark and mysterious in the past.

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Spirit is the only creator there is. Spirit is omnipresent and is all life, strength and power. Spirit possesses the power to think.

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I am, for this reason, very careful to think Abundance, for myself and everyone else. Spirit is omniscient. Spirit is omnipotent. I rest well, sleep well, and arise refreshed and invigorated and cheerfully assume the duties and responsibilities that await me. Control Of Life The ancient Yogis of India have acquired the wisdom by which they can manipulate the invisible forces of Nature and thus seem to work miracles; how they use the mind as an aerial to receive the unspoken thoughts of others; how they retain health, virility and evergreen youth and prolong life indefinitely.

What is Hypnotic Influence? William Atkinson. What is mental fascination? What is mental concentration in occultism? What is the astral plane?

The Amazing Secrets of the Yogi

Theosophical Society. What is mental imaging in occultism? Psychic Attraction Swami Panchadasi. Mental Transmutation The Kybalion. Meditation, Creation and Concentration Richard Ingalese. Instead, the focus here is to introduce, to those who value the royal art, to the various dimensions of power. Man is mind and mind has influence over all that is considered matter and thus, the supreme science is the mental magic of alchemy.

The Amazing Secrets of the Yogi

Here we explore from all angles the myriad of masks alchemy can take yet remain the same throughout history preserved in fragments. A strong mind is needed to tame the forces within so here we train and develop accurate proficiency in the way of the law. Tags alchemy art astrology black consciousness death deity divination divine earth energy ether god goddess hermeticism imagination immortal magic magick manifestation mantra matrix matter meditation mind numerology palo Palo mayombe power pranayama reality rebirth satanism science secret spirit spirits subconscious success universe voodoo vril witchcraft yoga yogi.

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