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Breadcrumb Continuing Education. Mechanics of Typography. Kevin Larson and Dr. Rosalind W. Picard at MIT, even very subtle changes in typography, like small caps, ligatures, kerning or old style figures are shown to measurably affect the way people react to a document. In a study conducted by Michael Bernard at Usability News, the most preferred typefaces for people were Verdana, Comic Sans, and Arial whilst the most legible font at size 12 was Courier and Arial at size Another noteworthy experiment conducted by Errol Morris presented the same passage to 40, readers in six different typefaces.

Readers who were exposed to Baskerville were more likely to agree with the passage, particularly when compared with Helvetica and Comic Sans. Typefaces — Probably the most straightforward part of typography, it simply refers to the name of the style of text used.

The 33 Laws of Typography

So basically like Arial, Georgia, or Chalkduster. For instance, Cambria is a typeface, but the font would be Cambria, size 14, Italic.

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Working with ethics. Very visual and clean cut.

Diagrams and examples let the reader explore rather than reading endless text. Clean and sleek look which attracts readers.

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Excellent fresh examples and writing I found the book very informative as it crosses many disciplines. For my students this is important as I am trying to get them to be free and open. It is well illustrated and easy to read.

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It offers a new vision of typography from the books we usually use for our typography course. My advice: 1 buy this book today; 2 savor and learn from it; 3 apply the insightful principles.

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